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Cordoba Airport

Cordoba Airport CAR RENTAL

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Av. la voz del interior 8500, X5008HMH Cordoba


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24-hour return
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07:30 - 20:30

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* The prices were calculated on 06.10.2022 for a 7 days prepaid rental at Cordoba Airport starting on 06.11.2022. Our prices fluctuate daily and this offer is not guaranteed.

Sixt car rental at Cordoba airport, Argentina

Arranging car rental at Cordoba airport should be your priority when traveling to Cordoba, Argentina. When you rent a car, you turn your sightseeing experience into an adventure. Sixt car rental has many types of cars to choose from like station wagons, SUVs and vans. The price of a car rental at the airport is cheap so everyone can afford to rent a car at Cordoba airport.

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About Cordoba airport

The Cordoba airport is the third largest airport in Argentina. The airport was not big enough to receive large numbers of passengers until they decided to expand in the year 2000. You should rent a car at the airport in Cordoba to make traveling around Argentina more pleasant. This will ensure that you are less limited in your destination options.

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Best things to do in Cordoba in your car rental

Once you have done a price comparison on car rental in the area, you can either choose a cheap car or a city car from Sixt to tour Argentina in. The Zoo in Cordoba is a great destination for the children. You will need to rent a car and drive them to this interesting place. The Plaza San Martin is a beautiful place in Cordoba surrounded by historic buildings and monuments. This is the ideal place to drive to in your car rental from Sixt, and experience history and nature in one location. The Museo de Ninos Barrilete is a unique museum in Cordoba. It is highly interactive and children can play and do all sorts of activities, while learning at the same time. Use your car rental to transport your family to this fascinating museum in Cordoba, Argentina.