Prepaid Fuel Car Rental Options with Sixt

SIXT knows that you want to have a seamless experience that satisfies your mobility needs when you rent a car. Whether you are organizing an important business trip or a fun getaway we want to give you the means to continue your journey with the most convenience. As part of our endeavors to make our premium car rental as easy as possible, SIXT lets you keep it simple with our pick up full, return low prepaid fuel option. By prepaying for fuel, you can save yourself from delays and unnecessary penalty fees.

How does the Prepaid Fuel option work?

When you book your SIXT car rental, prepaid gas is an extra you can select while making your reservation online or through our other channels. Our prepaid fuel option offers the possibility to buy a complete filling of the tank at a cost on par with local prices at the pump. This way you can return your rental vehicle with an empty tank and get a better deal on gas. A rental car with prepaid gas comes with a discount, that compared with our normal refueling rate, is potentially equal to about 1.3 gallons of gas. No refunds, however, are given for unused fuel.

Why should I choose a prepaid fuel rental car?

Our pick up full, return low option is a great way to make your experience with Sixt even more effortless. Simply get behind the wheel and get going with a full tank of gas. When your trip is over, you get to quickly return your vehicle on empty and potentially save yourself time and money.

  • A rental car with prepaid gas is a great way to avoid a time crunch of having to fill your tank before returning your car, especially when en route to catch a plane. 
  • A prepaid gasoline car rental also offers more convenience, as you won’t have to worry about finding a gas station close enough to the SIXT branch so that you can return your vehicle with a full tank.

What if I don’t choose a prepaid fuel car rental?

Of course, filling up the tank yourself before returning your car rental is always an option. However, if you return your car rental without a full tank will you will incur the costs not only for the price of gas, but you must pay a service charge to refuel the vehicle as well. Selecting our prepaid gasoline deal is an easy way to make sure you avert any extra charges.