Car Rental with Wifi

Stay in Touch with Sixt Connect

With a Sixt Connect device, you can connect up to five devices to a Wifi hotspot. It also includeds super-fast 4G Internet, GPS navigation and city guide, and a language translator. Sixt Connect Plus has the added feature of unlimited local calling and up to 60 minutes per day of international phone calls. This service can be added to your car rental at selected Sixt locations.

Sixt Car Rental with Wifi Device

What do you get with Sixt's wifi device?

  • Super fast internet and mobile hotspot: Connect up to 5 devices
  • Local and International Calls: Get 60 min per day
  • Maps & GPS: Turn-by-turn navigation with our premium software that's always up-to-date
  • Sixt stations contacts and useful information: Direct call, address and opening hours
  • Sixt roadside assistance: If you're unfortunate enough to have an emergency, you can call for help directly, 7 days a week
  • Detailed City Guide: Get more from your trip by discovering city events,  restaurants, attractions, healthcare and a lot more
  • Voice and text translator: Translate over 100 languages
  • Apps: Many useful apps are downloaded on the device including ones for weather, a currency converter and playing games.
Car rental with wifi

Why opt for a car rental with wifi?

Traveling outside your home country can sometimes mean sacrificing a reliable Internet connection. But business and staying in contact with family and friends is important no matter where in the world you are. And roaming charges can quickly add up when you need to make phone calls, send emails, and use GPS to find your way at your destination. 

Wifi Device

How to book a car rental with wifi?

When you book your Sixt car rental, Sixt Connect and Connect Plus is an extra you can select while making your reservation online. Once you have chosen your vehicle category, this add on can be found under recommended or additional extras. It is also possible to add the Sixt Connect device to your rental when you pick up your vehicle in the branch.

Other Features of Sixt Connect

This car rental Wifi hotspot doesn’t only keep you connected on your smartphone. Connect other wireless devices like laptops and tablets. And enjoy easy navigation in your Sixt car rental with the included Google Maps app. Find information on top attractions and destinations near your car rental location with our tourist guide. Communication is also made easier with the preloaded voice and text language translator. You can enjoy other included features like social media apps and a currency calculator in your Sixt car rental with Wifi.