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The Avalon is a perfect fit for many Sixt rent a car travelers. This Sixt car provides a good balance of horsepower and fuel economy. The luxurious cabin offers many modern tech toys and the ability to plug in your own smart phone. There’s even an bin to keep your electronics safely stowed. The sleek exterior eschews the boxy sedan style of the past.

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Power and Performance Under the Hood

With nearly 270 horsepower, the Sixt Avalon offers ample acceleration. Sixt car rental drivers can feel competitive even in the faster interstate stream. The Avalon cabin has been constructed with special noise-reduction features that make the ride more pleasant. The acoustic windshield is paired with acoustic front side windows. This is a plus you don’t see in many vehicles, even higher priced sedans. For a smoother ride, the Sixt Avalon has anti-vibration beams in the undercarriage.

Space, Comfort, Practicality and Safety

With nearly 120 cu.ft. in its cabin, there’s plenty of room in this Sixt rent a car. With its generous trunk, luggage is easily stored. Sixt car rental parents will feel more secure with their children in the LATCH-equipped backseat where extra tethers hold car seats more firmly. The Avalon has front seats that are designed to lessen the chances of neck injuries or whiplash. The steering column will collapse to protect the driver, who is often the most vulnerable in a front end collision. The Sixt rent a car has standard side-intrusion protection and crumple zones in the front/rear.

Filled With Safety Technology

The Sixt car rental Avalon offers ten electronically-administered airbags. It has three for front seat occupants, two side curtains, and special seat-mounted airbags for rear occupants. Of course, the most important features may be the collision prevention measures. These include advanced vehicle stability control that electronically monitors the engine, brakes, speed and more. Vehicle stability control is a great asset to a traveler who is in unfamiliar territory. It can increase brake-force in emergencies and, since it is ever-vigilant, it will adjust for equilibrium on every curve and in every slippery situation. This provides for a better handling experience.

Save Money With The Fuel-Efficiency of the Avalon

The modern Avalon can get as much as 31 miles per gallon on the highway. There are smaller cars that can’t reach that figure. This makes it a great pick for business and for vacations. With 21 mpg in city driving, the Avalon is a better pick than rival SUVs. It was even designed to be as competitive as possible with SUVs in terms of space. These features make the modern Avalon a good choice for Sixt drivers. Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a Toyota Avalon, however you will be able to get an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen category.