Week Car Rentals with Sixt

Renting a car for one week can save you anywhere from a few dozen dollars to hundreds of dollars. When you rent a car for a week, you receive a discounted rate that lets you save more than you thought possible on your vacation. The more days you book, the lower the cost per day will be for your car rental

Why not make the most out of your vacation you have put so much time and effort into planning? Book for a few extra days and you could have your rental car for longer AND cheaper. Especially if you look into renting one of our luxury cars or exotic car rentals, why not treat yourself a bit and enjoy a few extra days driving around a Mercedes Benz or BMW X3?


weekend car rentals from Sixt. Sixt offers affordable rates for Weekend car rentals.

After you choose your location, enter the days of your trip. The Sixt website will automatically give you a list of ways you can save on your week car rental. You might find that you can save big when you book a one week car rental.

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Why would you want to book a weekly auto rental?

The biggest reason is because you want to explore a new city without worrying about following a set schedule. You don't need to wait on a bus, book a tour guide or worry about finding a taxi because your weekly rent a car is always there when you need it. Renting a car for a week can also help you save money. Tour groups are often expensive, and you need to pay a separate price for each tour. With rental cars for a week, you can explore that city and venture out of your hotel whenever you want.

With 1 week car rental deals, you can save even more!

Not only do you get cheaper daily rate when booking a rental car for one week, but you can find a lot of discounts and coupons available for such kind of rentals as well. Of course, Sixt offers rentals for more multiple weeks as well. Check out our Best Deals page to explore our current offers and promotions. You'll find deals for our economy cars, sedan, vans, luxury vehicles, and more.