Weekend Car Rental with Sixt

What is your ideal weekend vacation? Taking an off road vehicle to go skiing in Austria? What about sunbathing in Florida? Perhaps sightseeing in Tuscany with a BMW?

Don't worry about the wear and tear on your own car. You can rent a car for a weekend to get the exact vehicle that you need for the occasion. Whether it's a car with 4-wheel drive to get you up the snowy mountain or a van to transport the whole family comfortably, Sixt has the perfect weekend-getaway car for you. Mix and match models to vacations as you please, as we can supply whatever you demand.


Weekend car rental specials with Sixt rent a car because renting a car for the weekend can help you find the perfect car rental deal.



Let's say that you want to take a trip a few hours away from home. With weekend car rental deals from Sixt, it's easy to book a car for a couple of days. If you never rented from Sixt before, today is the perfect time to give it a try. When booking, ask for our delivery pick up/ drop off service so that you can have your rental car delivered and ready to go the moment you finish work Friday, and then picked up Sunday night with no hassle.

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How to get the best weekend rental car deals?

There is a lot of talk out there about how to get the best discount or cheapest deal on traveling. With Sixt, we make it easy for you to travel affordably.


Here are some ways you can make the most of your weekend car rental:

  • Check out our best deals page
  • Check the rates for different car models
  • Look up last minute discount specials


Whx Sixt for your Weekend Car Rental?

With locations in over 100 countries and over 40,000 cars in our fleet, Sixt has the expertise to provide you all the add ons, customer service, and quality professionalism that you deserve.