Rent a Car for a Month

If you have long term travel plans, a month car rental might be the solution for you. Sixt offers the opportunity to rent a car for one month, two months, or whatever time frame you will be needing a vehicle. If you are planning on traveling some where for winter, having a nice car for a month is great. You will be able to fly to a new area and be able to drive around like you live there. Sixt makes it easy to rent a car for a month at almost all of our locations around the globe. Perhaps you want a long holiday traveling across the United States or driving through Europe? You will need a car to do so. Having a long term car rental will allow you to get around everywhere with ease and see see things that normally would of not been able to with public transportation.

Rent a mini Cooper for a month. See all of Sixt rent a car options for one month

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Why do people rent a car for a Month?

  • Road trip across a country
  • Have a nice vehicle for an extended business trip or business project
  • Renting a car for a month can be cheaper than always taking a bus or train to travel
  • Travel on your own schedule, don't rely on public transportation
  • Longer rental periods with Sixt results in cheaper daily rates

Services Sixt Offers for Your Month Car Rental

One perk of renting with Sixt in the USA is if you rent from any of our corporate locations and participating franchise locations, you receive free unlimited miles. If you need a car rental for one month, we can assume you will be doing a decent amount of driving. Having free unlimited miles can be a great benefit to you, not to mention the large amount of savings this yields.


Sixt also offers other services and add-ons, such as a GPS system or a baby seat. We also offer cheaper rates for toll roads, should you need a rental in a toll road heavy area. Alsom with our large range of insurances, we can have you covered any way you please.


How to rent a car for a month or longer?

If you are planning on renting a car for over 28 days you will need to make the reservation by phone. So please call us at 1-888-749-8227. Sixt is looking forward to helping you book a rental car for over a month.