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Sixt rent a car presents you with the Smart Fortwo coupe. With enough room for you and a passenger, the Fortwo coupe is a great way to maneuver around town. This unique subcompact car offers the driver great fuel efficiency, easy parking, and a surprisingly spacious cabin. Here are some of the other standout features of this Sixt car rental. 

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A Small Package That Brings Great Joy

Competent Engine - Do not underestimate the power output of the Fortwo coupe. The peppy three-cylinder engine musters up enough vigor to easily move the lightweight chassis of the Fortwo coupe. The automated manual transmission also enhances its effectiveness by delivering timely gearshifts in all driving situations. The best part is that the Sixt Fortwo coupe is still able to yield a frugal gas mileage of 38 mpg.

Easy to Drive - Unlike some of the larger sedans on the market, the Fortwo coupe should have no problems fitting into confined parking spaces. Its large windshield gives the driver a complete view of the road ahead. The small stature of this Sixt rent a car also helps it to maneuver around traffic with a sense of nimbleness.

Spacious Cabin - The Fortwo coupe proves that looks are indeed deceiving. Although this Sixt car rental appears to be small on the outside, it reveals a surprisingly spacious cabin on the inside. Not only will you and your passenger have an ample mount of legroom, but there is also a praiseworthy amount of cargo capacity in the rear. This is good news for the drivers that have intentions of going on an extended trip.

Neat Features - The Sixt Fortwo is not just a cute gas-sipper that is devoid of any amenities. Some of the available conveniences include keyless entry, cruise control, a two-speaker sound system, a retractable cargo cover. Safety features consist of stability and traction control, antilock braking, hill-start assist, and of course eight standard airbags.

Exclusive Styling - This Sixt rent a car looks like no other vehicle on the road. You will surely arrive to your destination in style. As soon as you step out of this Sixt car rental, expect to be greeted by plenty of admiring onlookers.

Rent a Car from Sixt

Sixt is proud to offer the Smart fortwo. Not everybody wants to drive a sedan, a SUV or any other regular-sized automobile. If you want a reliable, fun, extremely economical and practical rental car, then you should consider the Smart fortwo. Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a Smart fortwo, however you will be able to get an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen category.