Hybrid Rental Cars in the USA

 Sixt rent a car is a global car rental company and now offers hybrid car rentals in the U.S. If you are looking to drive green while traveling Sixt rent a car offers a selection of Hybrid vehicles to choose from. 


Sixt has always been a leader in changing the car rental industry. To change the industry for the better, we support environmentally friendly cars that reduce emissions, get better gas mileage, and are powered over rechargeable electricity. Get your hybrid car rental today so you can drive around without worrying about your carbon footprint. If you want to start the booking process or see how much it will cost to rent a hybrid, check out the Sixt quote page here.

Rent a hybrid car with Sixt today. Go green and help the environment while still getting a rental car

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Reasons to Rent a Hybrid Vehicle

There are several beneftis of renting a Hybrid, here are just a few examples

  • Better gas mileage, which means less spent on gas and more money in your pocket
  • Reduce your usage of non-renewable resources like oil
  • Quieter driving
  • With global warming becoming a major concern throughout the world, hybrid cars give you the peace of mind to know that you are not emitting as much harmful gas and chemicals as cars that run on gas or diesel only.

    Sixt is one of the first car rental companies to offer Hybrid cars and is continually going to offer cars that benefit the planet. The main Hybrid that Sixt carries is the Toyota Prius. With plenty of cargo space, an interior that fits 5, and easily averaging 50 mpg, there is no reason not to rent a hybrid. Offering hybrid vehicles is only Sixt's first step towards a greener planet. We also offer other services, such s a car sharing program in the USA and Europe. The program is called Drive-Now.

    Test a Hybrid Car Before Buying

    With gas prices rising, more and more people are trading in their old gas guzzlers in exchange for a more eco-friendly car with better mpg. The idea of buying a hybrid is still new and for some, a little unnerving. If you test drive a hybrid at the car dealership, you only have that short drive to experience the handling. If you rent with Sixt though, you can keep your hybrid rental car for as long as you like, so you can truly get a feel for what owning one would be like. Take it to the store to get groceries, pick your children up from soccer practice... but take advantage of Sixt's hybrid car fleet to fully test drive one of these cars before making the final purchase.