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If you're environmentally conscientious or perhaps just looking for a great rental car at an affordable price, then look no further than the Nissan Versa. Boasting enough space in the truck and interior to be nicknamed the "big little car," this Sedan will easily fit all of your luggage and belongings so you don't have to leave that third suitcase behind. With top of the line innovation at every corner of this car, you can be sure to make an impressive entrance at your next business meeting or simply cruising around on vacation.

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Experience Quality in a Nissan Versa Car Rental

A Versa is the ideal car for someone who wants comfort, quality, and technology in an eco-friendly car at an affordable rate.

  • Stretch out and Relax - No longer will tall friends have an excuse to sit up front, as the Versa claims the title of having the most rear leg room of any car in its class. The trunk offers 14.9 cubic feet of storage room. The back seats can also fold down, for those long hauls when you need the space.
  • Save on Gas - Sixt rent a car knows how important it is to have an environmentally friendly and economical car. Getting 31 mph around town and 40mph highway, the Versa is a great option for those who want to go green or just not spend all their holiday money on fuel. It also bears the PUREDRIVE badge, which means it meets or exceeds the Federal CAFE 2016 standards for fuel economy. This show Sixt's dedication to offering lower-emission vehicles for your car rental.
  • Safety - Put your mind at ease, knowing your driving in a car built to the strictest safety standards. The 6 advanced airbag airbags and dynamic and traction control system are only a few of the many safety features the Versa provides.
  • Tech and Infotainment- Anyone can drive down a road, but not everyone can make that drive the entertainment itself. With many of the latest options you can add to your rental car, you can choose between navigation systems, Bluetooth capabilities, rearview monitor, USB connection, and much more.

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When you want to rent a eco-friendly efficient vehicle with all the extras without the extra cost, you can count on Sixt rent a car and the Nissan Versa for your next business trip or vacation. Just contact Sixt and ask for the car rental of your choice Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a Nissan Versa, however you will be able to get an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen category. We offer many makes and models in our fleet, so we are sure to have the perfect rental vehicle for you.