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Hit the road with confidence, as your cruise down the street in a Nissan Sentra. With reliability and practicality built into ever bolt, frame, and button, the Sentra is a perfect rental car for any place at any time.

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Why Rent a Nissan Sentra

You will never be disappointed if with a Nissan Sentra rental car. Whether you're traveling through the city on business, taking the family on a vacation, or settling in for a long road trip on country roads, this vehicle will make the drive enjoyable. With plenty of leg and head room for each passenger, you can relax in your seat as your listen to some music over the state of the art entertainment system. With a design widening at the fenders to give it an impressive broad shoulder look, topped off with stylistic elements usually reserved for luxury cars, the Sentra will take your vacation from good to great.

A Sentra is a Smart Choice

  • Driving Versatility - No matter what the road calls for, you can switch your driving your driving mode to match. Choose Eco Mode to save on gas, Sport Mode for maximum responsiveness and handling, and Normal Mode when you want a little bit of both worlds. Never has a car rental given you so many options.

  • Gas Efficiency -We all want a car that gets great gas mileage and won't leave your wallet empty. The Sentra bosts 30 mph around town and 39 on the highway.

  • Ease and Accessibility - Never be late to a business meeting again because you had to use a parking garage 10 blocks away. The compact car shape makes it convenient to park anywhere you want. With a host of accessories as well, such as top of the line GPS navigation and an eco pedal indicator, this car provides something for each of your needs.

Sixt rent a car Nissan Armada car rental

Renting a Nissan Sentra with Sixt

Whether you're environmentally friendly and looking for a greener car or just someone who likes to be prepared, the Sentra is the car for you. With it's versatile driving modes, Sixt guarantees that you'll find your rental Nissan exactly to your liking. Our professional team of car care specialists inspect and clean each car before you receive it. We also only carry the latest models of cars in our fleet, so you know you will never be driving a car more than 6 months old. With affordable insurance options and all the added bonuses and services you can add, you'll soon discover the care and support that can only be found in the family-owned Sixt rent a car business. Grab a car rental with us today and let us help get you on the way o a great vacation.

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If you've decided it's time to rent a car, you're going to want to make sure you explore Sixt’s website first. You'll discover a company that has over 100 years of experience providing customers with cars that are as exciting to drive as they are safe for the entire family. Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a Nissan Armada; however you will be able to get an equivalent car in the same category. Sixt rent a car provides you with these options to make your travels and trips as hassle free and affordable as possible.