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Nissan Pathfinders are famed for their practicality and comfort. Ideal for families, groups of friends or colleagues travelling from medium to long distances, the advanced vehicles can provide a touch of class to a business or leisure trip. Sculpted for versatility, this Nissan car rental provides you a little bit of everything.

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A Pathfinder is a great choice for anyone who wants versatility and a car to handle any situation with ease and comfort.

  • Plenty of space - Whether traveling with a family or just a friend with a tendency to overpack, you can fit everyone and everything comfortably within the 7 seats provided by the Pathfinder. The third row both reclines for an enjoyable ride for passengers, or can be folded down to create more than 47 cubic feet of room
  • Flexibility - Sixt knows that with traveling comes unexpected situations. This vehicle has the option to switch between 2 wheel drive, 4WD, or left on the auto setting. In our Pathfinder rental car, you don't need to worry about not being equipped to handle any unexpected road adventures.
  • Safety - Make sure your precious cargo gets to its destination unscathed. Pathfinders provide the option for a tire pressure monitoring system, smart auto headlights, and a front and rear camera and monitor for parking assistance with a sonar alert system.
  • Amenities- Make your drive as easy as possible by adding options to your rental car. The Pathfinder offers many amenities to add, such as heated seats and steering wheel, navigation system, intelligent key, and tvs in the headrests to keep the children in the second row entertained.
  • Excellence- The Nissan Pathfinder has won awards in many categories. It has been praised as being the best Family SUV, Best Interior, Best Crossover and Large Utility Vehicle, and numerous other accolades. You can be sure that Sixt rent a car takes careful consideration of the cars we offer to make sure we're always bringing you the best quality.

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When you want to rent a crossover, performance vehicle with all the extras without the extra cost, you can count on Sixt rent a car and the Nissan Pathfinder for your next business trip or vacation. Just contact Sixt and ask for the car rental of your choice Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a Nissan Pathfinder, however you will be able to get an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen category.