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Sixt rent a car wants to give you all the choices you need, which is why we offer the Nissan Armada. Sometimes life throws an obstacle in your way, which is why we provide the Armada to help you stay prepared for anything and make your travel experience as comfortable and fun as possible.

Sixt rent a car Nisaan Armada, a cheap quality car rental

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What to Expect with a Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada is a quality SUV capable of high performance and both short and long distance travel. Equally adept at handling busy city streets and open motorways, the vehicle can transport a full range of traveling groups in perfect comfort. The model is the latest in the state of the art and versatile vehicles from the designers at Nissan. A car rental of such an impressive model can offer the chance to get to a destination in premium style and comfort. Making use of a superb quality of features and a spacious amount of room to relax in, the model is the latest in comfortable transportation. As a way to discover exactly what this vehicle can provide, an agreement on a Nissan Armada can be the best decision.

A Powerful Design to Remember

  • Premium Comfort - Roomy enough on the inside to comfortable seat 8 and still have room for luggage.

  • Max Power - Equipped with a 32 valve, 5.6 liter, and a v8 engine, the Armada demands both attention and control of the road. It offers 317 horsepower and a towing capacity up to 9,000 lbs.

  • Rugged Design - The Armada allows you to go anywhere you want with whatever you want. Equipped with a standard roof rack, the Armada can haul anything from kayaks to snowboards. The SUV was designed with durability and versatility in mind.

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Renting a Nissan Armada with Sixt

A Nissan Armada car rental provides perfect quality and security. The latest model of this prime SUV can be rented out from a number of different dealership locations. Using an Armada for a Nissan rental car can be ideal many different groups, from family traveling to exploring the rugged wilderness with a few friends. With the peace of mind and security of full insurance cover and personal protection travelers can journey in full comfort. Rent a Nissan Armada from Sixt and realize the benefits of safe and confident transportation. Furthermore, our website offers useful tools for comparing rates for different models against each other, ensuring that you can get exactly what you need at the price you want. You'll soon discover that Sixt car rental not only offers the best cars, but the most competitive rates.

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If you've decided it's time to rent a car, you're going to want to make sure you explore Sixt’s website first. You'll discover a company that has over 100 years of experience providing customers with cars that are as exciting to drive as they are safe for the entire family. Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a Nissan Armada; however you will be able to get an equivalent car in the FFAR category. Sixt rent a car provides you with these options to make your travels and trips as hassle free and affordable as possible.