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Unparalleled Rental Class – The BMW Mini Paceman

Rental cars typically don't inspire their drivers. Rather, these bland and boring vehicles are more of a burden than an enjoyment. The rental gurus at Sixt decided to change this fact with the BMW Mini Paceman. Unlike other rental cars, this sporty and classy compact car offers exceptional luxury, curve-loving handling and money saving gas mileage.


Tired of strolling past bland and uninspired rental cars? Instead of hoping to stumble across an affordable and luxurious rental car, turn to Sixt for the option you've been craving. Along with clearly defined style and class, the BMW Mini Pacement offers exceptional features, such as:


  • Quality Handling - Unlike other compact rental cars, the BMW Mini Pacemen feature a 181 horsepower, 1.6-liter engine. Ever wondered what it's like controlling a stampede of galloping horses? Now's your chance.
  • Efficiency - Go ahead and buy that extra bagel in the morning. With an average highway distance of 434 miles per tank, you'll have the freedom to zoom around town without constantly checking your fuel gauge, and then your bank account.
  • Storage Space - What sets this Mini apart from others is its storage capacity. Don't expect to house the entire living room, but with 38.1 cubic feet of cargo space behind the driver and passenger seat, you won't have to mail your groceries home.
  • Entertainment Options - Are you a serious music aficionado? Then get ready to play your favorite songs in stunning clarity thanks to the six speaker premium sound system. With high definition radio, Bluetooth connectivity and a CD player, your entertainment options are practically limitless.
  • Safety Features - Mini Cooper's are renowned for their compact size and professional-grade handling. While its small stature is its primary allure, many find the lack of vehicle size a potential safety concern. This couldn't be further from the truth. Safety features such as first and second row airbags, side impact beams, dual stage driver/passenger airbags as well as driveline traction control, the BMW Mini Paceman acts like a strong cocoon during unfortunate collisions.



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