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The Chevy Cruze from Sixt car rental is in a class of its own. With advanced safety features, generous fuel efficiency and environmental consideration, you won't be sorry with this choice from Sixt.

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Renting the Chevrolet Cruze from Sixt is your first step toward smooth driving with responsible protection.

Comfort and Space

  • Demand Attention - The Cruze has been praised by auto critics because of its stunning exterior design and proportions. The bold grille, the swept-back lamps and sculpted fenders are just part of the curves and lines that make this Sixt rental car turn heads. The angles do more than grab attention; they improve aerodynamics thereby optimizing fuel efficiency.
  • High Performance - The Chevy Cruze has been tested all over the world, enduring the harshest environments: From the heat of the Arabian Desert, to the altitude of the Alps and the humidity and moisture of Thailand. It was then tested on some of the most famous race tracks in the world. All-in-all, this choice from Sixt rent a car has what you need in every condition.
  • Responsibility - With advanced aerodynamics and a variety of transmission types, the Cruze provides you with great fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. It is also the first car of its class with ten standard airbags.
  • Sophistication - Soft-touch interiors, vibrant colors and acoustic enhancements for a quiet ride provide luxury refinements in a practical car. In addition to Electric Power Steering, the Chevy Cruze is a driving experience that will have you coming back to Sixt car rental.
  • Breathing Room - While it's classified as a compact, you would never know by looking at the interior. The Cruze boasts a spacious interior with more passenger room than its leading competitors. It also wins in the race for cargo space.
  • Green and Clean - The Chevy Cruze from Sixt rent a car boasts fuel emission well below strict U.S. government standards. It is equipped with new technology including selective catalyst reduction, a particulate filter, exhaust gas recirculation and advanced fuel system components. All of these features work together to allow the Chevy Cruze to produce 90 percent less in Nitrogen Oxide emissions in addition to low particulate emissions.

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If you want a practical, high-performance vehicle with the sophistication of a luxury ride, look no further than the Cruze from Sixt rent a car for your business vehicle or vacation car. Sixt rent a car cannot guarantee you to receive a Chevrolet Cruze, however you will be able to get an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen car rental category.