Experience the Chevrolet Camaro From Sixt Car Rental

Muscle car lovers are in for a real treat. The iconic Chevrolet Camaro from Sixt car rental delivers an amazing combination of power, efficiency, and legendary styling. For the drivers that crave a great handling performance machine, this is the Sixt rent a car for you. Here are some of the attributes that make the Sixt Camaro such a worthy choice.

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Enjoy a Chevrolet Camaro from Sixt Rent a Car

  • Retro-futuristic styling - The Sixt Camaro blends the legendary styling of the 1960s into a futuristic package. As you cruise down the street in your new Sixt rent a car, everyone will take notice of the Camaro’s muscular stance and aggressive persona. Whether you are attending a business venture or going on vacation, Sixt makes sure that you arrive in style.
  • Incredible power - Sixt gives you two amazing engine choices for your Camaro. The beastly V8 engine provides blistering acceleration and loads of torque. Just a slight touch of the throttle makes you aware of its muscle car heritage. If you desire an increased fuel economy, then the V6-equipped Camaro is just up your alley. The V6 engine delivers the rare combination of fuel efficiency and speed. Not only does it get up to 30 miles-per-gallon on the highway, but it also boasts over 300 horsepower.
  • Great handling - This Sixt car rental grips the road like a true sports car. The Camaro’s rear-wheel drive platform enables the driver to churn through road corners with precision. The best part is that the ride quality is still satisfying on extended highway drives.
  • Plenty of amenities - Unlike some of the other performance vehicles on the market, this Sixt rental car has plenty of standard amenities. Some of the standard features on the Camaro include air-conditioning, key-less entry, automatic headlights, cruise control, and even a 6-speaker sound system. The high-tech options include navigation and a rear-view camera.
  • Safety - Having this much horsepower on tap means that you need a quality braking system. The Camaro’s anti-lock braking system provides quick stopping power when you need it the most. When you are driving this Sixt rent a car, expect the stability system to provide an extra amount of security. The coupe's five-star safety rating will definitely put your mind at ease.

With Sixt, you can hit the road in a Chevrolet Camaro today!

Experience the fun of a Chevrolet Camaro through a Sixt car rental on your next business trip or weekend getaway. Driving a Camaro is an unforgettable and you deserve to experiment the thrill and fun that this classic has to offer. Sixt rent a car cannot guarantee you to receive a Chevrolet Camaro, however you will be able to get an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen car rental category.