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Sixt rent a car has made a name for itself by recognizing quality in the automobile world, and in turn offering quality cars to its clients. We are proud to offer our customers the BMW X3.

BMW X3 Rental

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BMW X3: A Complete Car

Sixt car rental is pleased to offer BMW's X3, a beautiful and capable SUV. Here is why:

  • Low Gas Consumption - Your time with the X3 will be terrifically economical; at the touch of a button, the X3 shifts the car's performance for maximum fuel efficiency, which means less trips to the pump in the course of your adventures.
  • Comfort and Elegance - Sixt car rental also loves BMW's X3 for its spacious interior, which offers comfortable and roomy seating for up to five passengers. The cabin of the X3 is very well designed. Tall drivers will find enough space for their legs as well as the front and rear passengers. The interior of the X3 is composed by high-quality materials such as leather, providing all passengers with a very smooth ride.
  • Stay connected and informed - In a stroke of brilliance, BMW has included a heads-up display on the windshield of the X3 that can give the driver immediate access to pertinent information, such as speed and navigation details. According to BMW, the average automobile travels approximately 28 meters in the one second it takes a driver to glance down at the accelerometer. That method leaves quite a lot to chance. In the name of safety, BMW put the most important information the driver might want on-the-fly on the heads-up display, meaning the driver's eyes leave the road far less often.
  • Safety - It goes without saying that Sixt rent a car wouldn't rent a car that didn't take every passenger's safety into account. The BMW X3 offers speed limit information, giving you discrete warnings when you exceed a local speed limit. The X3 can also warn you when you're in the process of departing a lane, making sure there aren't any surprises waiting for you. Furthermore, in an effort to further cut down on driver distractions, the X3 is capable of automatically turning the high beams off when it detects oncoming traffic. It's a lot of little innovations that add up to an extremely safe, and highly desirable, automobile.

Customer review

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wrote on 22/4/2013:

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" The car was new and spotless, and we were upgraded to a BMW X3. "

Sixt has a BMW X3 Waiting for You

As all cars that carry the BMW name, the X3 is sure to put a smile in the face of whoever drives it and also in the face of the passengers. With an excellent mixture of space and comfort, this magnificent automobile will be suitable to many needs and will deliver a safe, economical and stylish trip.

It does no matter if you are looking for a car for a business trip or a family vacation, the BMW X3 serves almost any need. Book a BMW X3 rental from Sixt now and benefit from our great offers! Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a BMW X3, however you will be able to get an equivalent car in the same chosen category.