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Lay awake at night questioning who to rent a car from no more! Look up Sixt's rental prices to get a quote that you can use to compare against other car rental companies. Find out exactly how much it will cost you to use a Sixt rental car for the exact time period you need it for, including the price for any additional services you might need. Just a few clicks away, start comparing prices now by clicking the button below.


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Comparing car rental prices between all the rental companies can be a daunting task.Especially when other companies hide costs from you when estimating a quote, such as any additional services you might need. Sixt has made it as easy as possible for you to compare prices. So no matter what vehicle, where you're picking it up, or what you want, you can determine the cost in less than one minute.

Drive a Mini from Sixt rent a car. Sixt has great Mini car rentals at cheap rates.

When comparing rental car prices, you can calculate the total cost including any of these additional add ons listed below. When you book with Sixt, you won't walk up to the counter and be surprised with how much your rental costs. We don't hide prices from you, we like you too much to do that.

  • Baby Seats
  • Car Racks
  • Insurance LDW, Full coverage ect..
  • GPS
  • Satelight Radio
  • Toll Road fees
  • Additional Driver Costs

These are just a few things that you will be able to check when you compare Sixt prices.  Sixt rent a car also offers a wide range of vehicles to compare rates between.

When you rent a car, you might find that the rates are more expensive with additions to the car. Several factors affect the rate of the car including what extra add-ons you desire and the length of your rental period.

So compare the prices for returning the car one day later or sooner to see how much the price changes. Also some vehicles with Sixt include a navigation system while other companies charge a extra fee for that additonal item.

Compare car rental prices at Sixt. See how cheap our cars can be!


Other Prices to Compare with Sixt

There are also special rates for business vehicles. You will be able to get better rates if you rent a car during the week compared to renting on the weekend. If you join the Sixt Flash, you will receive coupons and discounts through email where you will able to get great deals on car rentals that will be cheaper then booking directly. Sixt and other companies have a long list of car types to choose from including economy vehicles, SUVs, and vans. Prices increase as you increase the size of the vehicle. Unlimited Mileage is offered for free at all of our Sixt Corporate locations making it easy to save with Sixt when you compare to other rental companies when you are planning on driving a long distance.


Sixt has car rentals for as low as $10 a day. There are monthly specials on a variety of cars including SUVs and economical cars. You can earn points by shopping with different Sixt partners like airlines and hotels, then using those points for discounts on your car rental. Coupons are sent to your email or you can find them on the website.We are always offering discounts and promotions, such as coupons for 5% off your rental. Although the company offers a large variety of new cars for leisure and business purposes, the company is still one of the most inexpensive rental car providers in the country and overseas. Cars come with unlimited free miles. A minimum age of 21 is required to rent the car, and drivers must have a license for at least one year.


With all of these different ways to compare rental prices it makes it difficult but with Sixt you can just enter your rental information and you will have a car rental quote for exactly what you are looking for!