Under 25 Car Rental Special in the USA

Car rentals for people under the age of 25. Take a road trip when you are under 25 with Sixt rent a car.

Sixt rent a car makes it easy to get a car when you are under 25 to travel to almost everywhere you want. If you are a student wanting go on a road trip with a car rental Sixt is the right rental car company for you.

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Permanent place of residence:
  • A fee will apply for rentals at corporate locations in the United States. Please check how much you will be charged if you are a driver under 25 at our branches across the US.
  • A young driver surcharge may be applied at our International Sixt locations, as well as at USA franchise locations including Tampa, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte and more.
  • When under the age of 25 there is no other car rental company to choose from than Sixt. Sixt is looking forward to serving all young drivers at our locations in the USA!