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Sixt offers the Ford Mustang Convertible at most of our locations in the US making it easy to drive in style. Sixt also offers different Mustang packages including the convertible, the V8 GT and the V6 model. Sixt always features the newest models in the lineup with a promise that your car won't be older than six months. So you will be able to drive a great sports car if you choose the STAR category. 


Drive a Ford Mustang from Sixt rent a car. Sixt offers amazing Ford Mustang cars at affordable rates.


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This is a car that is synonymous with power and style. There is no reason not to love this car when all of the factors are combined and the option of renting a Mustang with Sixt is the ideal choice!

The Advantages of Renting a Mustang

  • The renter wants to hire a Mustang from Sixt with all the right stuff in a luxury, 2-door cool sportscar. Who doesn't want to rent a Mustang with all that styling, built on the current engineering platform, loaded with advanced technology?
  • In terms of the packages they can find at Sixt, it all starts with the engine size. To rent the Mustang GT package with a V8 is possible, and the GT V8 package is a popular car from among the rental Ford Mustangs.
  • On the other hand, the Mustang V6 is no slouch down the stretch, and many experienced drivers believe that people who never drive mustangs should break in to the model with a V6.
  • Ford Mustang V6s have some pop, and according to sources, the car rental Mustang V6 today comes close to the last edition Mustang hire V8 in performance capabilities.

Save Money on your Car Rental when Renting a Mustang with Sixt

When looking to rent a Ford Mustang, look around on Sixt's website. Match car rental options from Sixt against each other, you will find a different price range for different classes and makes of cars.

Also, visit our coupons page for larger rental cars. Rent a convertible mustang on the cheap and show it off to your friends. Use your auto insurance policy to meet your insurance needs and buy nominal coverage if you believe you need more.

Ford Mustang Car Rental
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Ford Mustang Ford Mustang is a muscle car made by Ford.

Ford Mustang

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" I would not hesitate to rent with Sixt again, and I look forward to the next time I can drive one of their nice, new cars. "

Rent a Ford Mustang - From Where Can I Rent a Ford Mustang?

Consider Sixt as a place to rent the Ford Mustang convertible. A car rental convertible Mustang from Sixt can be one-way, 24 hour, weekly rentals and more. The car rental convertible Mustang at Sixt comes with the following features: Retractable cloth roof, Automatic transmission and Four passengers, 2 suitcases and 1 Handbag.

Rent happy with Sixt and drive safe!

Sixt can not guarantee you to receive a Mustang, however you will be able to get a equivalent car in the "STAR" category.