Operational leasing - Stay flexible!

Advantages of operational leasing

  • “Pay as you earn!”
  • Sustainment of liquidity/ solvency
  • Positive impact on credit rating (Basel II)
  • Planning reliability
  • Cost transparency/controlling aspects
  • Reduction of tax burden
  • Outsourcing (fleet management)
  • Reduction in administration and personnel costs
  • Additional (fleet-) services

Fleet acquisition - From purchase to delivery

In the area of vehicle acquistion Sixt closely cooperates with all large manufacturers/importers. By bundling your requirements with our purchasing volume Sixt provides you with better buying opportunities.

Furthermore, Sixt negotiated master agreements with many manufacturers/importers in order to offer you the best terms on the market. Due to improved leasing rates Sixt is able to pass on these discounts to its customers.

Advantages of fleet acquisition by Sixt

  • Top conditions
  • Free choice of manufacturer, car model and level of motorisation
  • Flexibility at the end of the contract
  • Car liquidation at the best conditions