Leasing guidebook - FAQ

What are the differences between Leasing and Renting?
  • Leasing vehicles will be purchased, according to your configuration
  • Duration of contract at least 12 months. Depending on national accounting standards a car can be leased e.g. in Germany up to 54 months.
  • Leasing contracts have to be fulfilled
  • Payment of leasing rates are due in advance
  • Vehicles will not be changed during the contract duration
What is the difference between leasing and financing by means of a credit?

Vehicles which have been financed by credit are part of the customer‘s capital assets, whereas leasing vehicles are assigned to the lessor‘s capital assets.

Is it ok to drive a leasing vehicle in a foreign country?

It is legal and allowed to take one‘s leasing vehicle into a foreign country for business trips or vacation etc.

Generally, the collective European Community law says, that a car has to be registered in the country in which the driver has his principal residence.

Therefore, the question where a vehicle has to be registered is normaly depending on where the driver lives and not where the company or leasing supplier is based in.

The time limit to re-register is regulated differently in every country.

What are the advantages of leasing from Sixt?
  • Offering of innovative customer friendly solutions
  • Providing a modular selection of services for your tailor-made full service leasing
  • Outsourcing of all fleet-related tasks to Sixt
  • Constant monitoring of customer wishes and market trends
  • Objective advice guaranteed because Sixt Leasing is independent of manufacturers or banks
  • Attractive rates for brands from all manufacturers
  • Customised solutions that respond to your requirements
  • Intelligent mobility from one source, benefiting from synergies within the Sixt group
  • Online solutions unique in the industry
  • Best service
  • Extensive personal support from fixed contact partners ("single point of contact")
  • Sixt Mobility Service providing 24-hour assistance
As an international customer, how can we keep an overview over our international fleet?

Sixt Leasing provides the state of the art IT solution "Fleet Control International" which is an online reporting system that allows clients to access reports whenever desired. It provides the client with extensive information about every single contract, with detailed analysis of the whole fleet and a close review of costs in real time. The main functions are

  • Tracking contracts
  • Creating management reports
  • Mileage tracking

We differentiate between the following possibilities of reports:

  • Single contract reports
  • Fleet reports
  • Irregularity reports
  • Situation reports
How do you assure efficient communication on an international basis?
  • Centralization of strategic tasks
  • Outsourcing of local operational tasks to Sixt
What is Sixt’s international concept/strategy?

Our main aim is to act as global player in the future market of mobility and to increase our position in the competition, meaning:

  • integral comprehension of mobility
  • strength in innovation and flexibility
  • customer orientation
  • service quality

The international concept of Sixt Leasing is based on the objective to transfer the quality standards of innovative, universal and high-class services, Sixt is providing in Germany all around the world.

The main idea of our international organization structure within Sixt Leasing is that all the operations on the local level (corporate national sales department and national key account management) are supervised by the Sixt International Team. The local operations retain the responsibility and authority for their local business. By doing so, Sixt Leasing offers the customer a homogenous quality standard in all its business countries without giving up the ability to easily adopt to local specialties.

As a leasing mobility provider, Sixt emphasizes the high importance of the international leasing business


Sixt stands for:

  • custom-made mobility solutions
  • innovative and flexible solutions in all areas
  • down-to-earth fulfillments of your mobility needs
  • advantageous terms for a modern fleet
Which manufacturers is Sixt working with?

Sixt Leasing AG is independent from car manufacturers and therefore offers objective and neutral consulting as well as freedom of choice.

How do you support environmentally leasing fleets?

Sixt is leading concerning innovative solutions. In this context Sixt always tries to find new comprehensive packages for environmentally friendly fleet management and reduced consumption. After converting the total fleet of one of our customers the fleet now consists of over 100 natural gas vehicles. Sixt Leasing collected experiences to change 2.000 vehicles of one of our customers into environment-friendly bi-fuel-engines.

It is now possible to track the CO2 balance of each vehicle and the entire fleet in the reporting tool Fleet Control International. A new report calculates total CO2 emissions to date, based on the current mileage for each vehicle. It is also possible to forecast total carbon dioxide emissions by the end of the contract term. These enhanced reporting options support transparency regarding the CO2 values of the vehicle fleet.

Sixt Leasing account managers are trained and they can comprehensively inform the fleet personnel as well as the users of each customer on a choice of low-emission and fuel-efficient cars, alterative fuels or hybrid cars.

Do you offer a hotline if the drivers have problems with their leasing vehicle?

Sixt offers a breakdown assistance including the Sixt 24h / 7 days Assistance in every country. National language and English is spoken.