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Jollydays is the leading experience company in the German speaking countries (Austria, Switzerland and Germany). The company was founded end of 2003 in Austria. Since then Jollydays developed the market and today is the market leader.

Sixt and Jollydays - Unforgettable Days, for friends, relatives or yourself

The business message is simple; Jollydays offers great experiences based on the German Motto "Nichts tun können Sie später auch noch". No Matter if it's for yourself, your friends or relatives, Jollydays makes dreams come true. The mission is clear, Jollydays wants to help you remember the really great days at the end of the year.

More than 250 Experiences from Action to Lifestyle

Jollydays offers you more than 250 different experiences. No matter if you look for the unforgettable gift or if you just want to enjoy it yourself, the range of experiences is huge. Soar across the alps in a glider, see the world out of a bird's view from a historical DC-3, learn how to drive an original formula 1 race car or fulfil yourself al little boy's dream and take place in the driver's seat of a monster digger.

Get more down to earth when learning all about brewing in a brewing seminar or when riding a camel in the Alps. Become a craftsman and forge your own sword, learn how to be a great cook or expand your knowledge about wines.

The world of sports offers you all kinds of highlights, from Canyoning to Bungee or ski jumping, no matter what you choose, you will definitely enjoy every second of it. Afterward come down, and relax with an aroma massage, Shiatsu or a floating session.

Experience Pass and Experience Check

Jollydays offers two ways to the exciting experiences. You can either purchase your personal Experience pass for a pre-chosen Experience (e.g. skydiving) or alternatively an experience check with a pre-chosen value which can be redeemed on all experiences. When ordering you can use the internet or the telephone service centre. If you choose to give the experience as a gift to somebody special, you have the choice of purchasing a top-quality gift box.

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