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Europa Park – Germany's fastest theme park

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In the 2009 season, Europa Park will be turned upside down for the very first time: the spectacular new “Blue Fire Megacoaster” will whisk intrepid visitors off on a breathtaking roller coaster ride. Travelling through a rugged Icelandic landscape, passengers will not only loop the loop but also hurtle through topsy-turvy thrills galore!
On a total area of 85 hectares, guests can wander through 13 European themed areas offering over 100 attractions and international shows. Fantastic worlds of adventure offer an unparalleled range of leisure opportunities for all the family in Germany's biggest theme park.

Explore the whole of Europe
There is a great deal more besides to discover in Germany's biggest theme park! 13 different European themed areas displaying typical national architecture, vegetation and culture are spread across the 85-hectare site. In Greece, guests can take off on a thrilling ride between sky and sea in the “Poseidon” water roller coaster while, right alongside, the youngest visitors can experience what could well be their first roller coaster ride on the “Pegasus” YoungSTAR coaster. In the Swiss themed area, the “Matterhorn-Blitz” twists through tight curves around mountains and valleys. And the French section has an exceptional adrenalin kick in store, with the “Silver Star”, which reaches speeds of up to 130 km/h. And what better way to cool down than the aquatic “Fjord Rafting” ride in Scandinavia or the “Atlantica SuperSplash” water roller coaster before the imposing backdrop of a Portuguese galleon. All in all, ten roller coasters offer plenty of thrilling adventures at Europa Park. Anyone who prefers to take things at a slower pace can look forward to the excellent show programme including an ice-skating show, variety performances, knights' contests and a host of unforgettable moments. The expansive green landscape of the castle park and the lovingly cultivated “Magical Garden” next to “Balthasar Castle” are perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Celebrations all the year round Europa Park offers its visitors a wealth of unparalleled events throughout the season. Alongside European themed festivals, including a Swiss and an Italian festival, there will also be unique party highlights to look forward to, for example the SWR3 Party-Night or cultural events such as the unique Chagall exhibition. The sporting highlights on the programme include the FC Bayern Football Camp and a big sports weekend, staged as part of the "Deutschland bewegt sich" (Germany on the move) campaign.
What's more, in Europa Park, the changing seasons of the year offer a great deal of variety. At the start of the 2009 season in spring, new features will abound. In summer, cooling down will be quite an adventure, with all the wild water attractions and summer highlights. In autumn, Germany's biggest theme park will be transformed into a spine-chilling playground for monsters and spooks, featuring creepy decorations and countless Halloween specials such as the Halloween Festival or the Terenzi Horror Nights. And finally, the cold season will offer a host of magical moments when Europa Park transforms itself into a glittering winter wonderland with thousands of decorated Christmas trees, sparkling fairy lights, a Christmas market and numerous winter attractions. Here, Christmas cheer is sure to warm the heart of every visitor!

Creative working
Anyone wishing to combine business with pleasure will find a wide range of options for their event in the Europa Park Confertainment portfolio. 24 conference and events venues are available to guests, along with an ideal fringe programme and a perfect evening event. The highlights on offer include the “Cirque d´Europe” dinner show with exquisite cuisine and more than 30 world-class artists or the pirates´ spectacle “Indonesia Malam”.

A blissful stay
As the ultimate ending to an exciting day, the Europa Park Hotel Resort promises blissful moments in a Mediterranean atmosphere: in the 4-star superior hotels “Colosseo” and “Santa Isabel” as well as the 4-star themed hotels “Castillo Alcazar” and “El Andaluz”, guests will not only appreciate the inviting beds, but also Italian dolce vita, Spanish temperament or monastic Portuguese charm. And outdoor types will love the Tipi Village with its Native American tents, log cabins and chuck wagons along with a camp site right next to the main entrance.

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