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Sixt and, one of the best known hotel reservation service for hotel bookings worldwide, have a cooperation since July 2009. is a strong partner with a wide range of well-known hotel chains and private hotels as well as apartment hotels and attractive short breaks.


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Hotel info is a leading online hotel reservation service with over 210,000 hotels worldwide and approximately 1 million detailed hotel reviews from guests. The service of is completely free of charge. All booking information is transmitted securely in real time directly to the hotel in question. Cancellations and alterations to bookings can also conveniently be made online.

Just a few clicks will find your chosen hotel anywhere in the world.

The choice is quick thanks to carefully selected search criteria. Making the booking is just as quick and easy. The simplicity of our system saves you a lot of time which you can use profitably for other things!

Our hotel rates are the cheapest. This is guaranteed by our global Best Price Guarantee as well as by the corporate discount rates. Bookings are made through at excellent rates without hassle.

Our room rates save you a great deal in hotel costs but you save twice with - on the rates and time, not just due to the first class service! This is our pledge to you!


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