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Sixt rent a car, founded in Munich, Germany, is one of the oldest, most prestigious car rental companies in all of Europe – and the world. Renowned internationally for our quality customer care and low rental rates, Sixt has recently opened branches in the United States. Now you can experience the benefits of a great car rental from Sixt both stateside and worldwide.

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Family-owned and operated since 1912, Sixt rent a car began business with only three car rentals: two Mercedes and a Luxus-Deutz-Landaulet. Over the years, the Sixt family has turned their small start-up business into an international sensation. We now have 220,000 rental vehicles in 105 countries across the globe

Car Rental Leader


Sixt has always been an innovative leader in the car rental industry. We were the first rental company to have a website, as well as the first to receive reservations made by our customers via smartphones. Sixt has made a huge impact since the beginning, and our cutting-edge technology will continue to transform the car rental businesses in Germany, Europe, and beyond.

Car Rentals in the United States

Sixt entered the American market in 2011 and currently has 20 airport car rental locations in California, New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, Washington, Florida, ArizonaNevada, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota and Georgia. Our American locations use the same winning philosophy that has made our European locations so successful: great customer service, low prices, and a large selection of vehicles (both European and American models). Even better, we offer brand-name car rentals that are on the road for no more than six months, ensuring that you always get a car that drives well and looks sharp.

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History of Sixt

The history of Sixt rent a car is a long one it started in 1912. Sixt has expanded since then and here you will find out when and where Sixt has left its footprint. Learn More.

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