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The Ford Taurus is ranked as one of the top performing and most affordable cars in its class. Sixt rent a car delivers the Taurus's performance and comfort to drivers across the country at the same affordable pricing. 

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A Complete American Sedan

Sixt adds this Ford to its lineup of powerful and roomy cars in order to give their customers the best driving experience possible while on the road. Additionally, Sixt car rental takes the safety of their customers very seriously. When all the facts are considered, the Taurus stands firm as one of the safest cars to drive in the Ford family offered by Sixt.

Assisting in Travel

Among the top reasons that Sixt customers choose the Taurus over other models is the impressive technology on the cab interior. However, the fact that you are a new driver to the Taurus will not create any problems with operating the vehicle. The controls are intuitive and ideal for navigation or entertainment when engaged in long journeys for work or play.

Wide Open Spaces

Sixt car rental also has chosen the Taurus as a star model due to its considerable amount of storage capacity. The trunk can accommodate the baggage for many individuals without sacrificing performance when it comes to gas mileage. Despite the vehicle's comfort and space, it still gives drivers outstanding dynamics and responsive handling. Sixt rent a car brings their drivers the most economical yet comfortable vehicles currently on the road by featuring the leading Ford vehicles. These cars use EcoBoost technology with a healthy amount of horsepower backing up the engine.

Build for the Road

The Taurus is also the ideal choice for family’s on the go that still want to be able to move all of their belongings and entertain the kids but do not want to spend the additional money on the gas required for a larger Sixt vehicle. The infotainment center can keep any member of the family occupied for hours on end. The Taurus also maintains its popularity as a Sixt car rental thanks to its exceptionally smooth ride. The updated suspension in the latest Taurus models works well with its fresh appearance on the interior. Softer surfaces that utilize plush leathers and fabrics considerably enhance the comfort one feels while in transit. When considering what model is right for you or your family is at the next Sixt rent a car, keep the Ford Taurus at the top of your list.

Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a Ford Taurus, however you will be able to get an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen category.