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When a person is in need of renting a small car, Sixt understands that their concerns are economy and performance. The Ford Fiesta is a Sixt car rental that is focused on getting you to your destination quickly with efficiency being kept at the top of the list of concerns. 

Rent your dream Ford Fiesta from Sixt car rental

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Among the Ford vehicles by Sixt rent a car, the Fiesta is the highest ranking, most popular models of its kind. Both the critics and Sixt customers agree that this car is hard to beat when it comes to gas mileage, high-tech features, and handling.

A Reliable Rental Car Driving Experience

Renting a car can sometimes be a challenge when searching for a compact that still offers enough room to comfortably transport your belongings and have the head and leg room that you need. The designers behind the Fiesta have mastered this balance perfectly. The four-cylinder engine also gives drivers the power they need from a Sixt car rental in every situation that faces them on their leg of the journey. The Fiesta also adds to the lineup of Ford Six cars that keep the fun factor in play. This zippy Sixt car rental offers a new kind of driving experience that travelers do not get when traveling around in larger cars or sedans. The technology that guides travelers around their current city in this Sixt rent a car is also dynamic and interactive. The possibility of a manual transmission lets drivers feel like they are in control while the on-board gadgets keep them in the clear when they are exploring a new landscape.

A Car Rental That Will Surprise You

The first thing that a Sixt rent a car customer notices when getting behind the wheel of the Fiesta is its comfortable seating and well-organized controls. This element of design is a welcome experience after the stress of traveling in other forms of cramped transportation. The Ford Fiesta simply strengthens the customer's sense of service and satisfaction. It leads its class of affordable small cars and leads the way for the Sixt rental company. Getting behind the wheel of a Fiesta will quickly introduce you to the reason that the automotive engineering designed by Ford makes them a leading choice in the world of car rentals. Their performance can hardly be exceeded, they are extremely reliable, and the features, even on baseline cars, are well above what one might expect. Sixt cannot guarantee you to receive a Ford Fiesta, however you will be able to get an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen category.