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Sixt offer a great selection of Ford rental cars for your next trip so that you can select the perfect vehicle for your vacation or business trip. Ford is synonymous with high quality rental cars so you can enjoy the sights of your destination in comfort and style without worrying about untimely breakdowns. Choose Sixt to satisfy your Ford car rental needs with fantastic customer service, great deals and a huge fleet of cars to choose from.

Sixt rent a car offers great Ford rentals in the US

Experience Quality with a Sixt Ford Car Rental

Ford cars are renowned the world over for the level of quality and dependability they have to offer drivers. With a versatile selection of car models, Ford have created vehicles that appeal to all tastes and budgets. Offering categories from luxury and convertible to SUV and economy, Sixt will have the perfect Ford for your needs and desires. Boasting elegant styling, reliability, high performance and power, each rental Ford is fully equipped for providing you with a smooth and enjoyable journey.

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Sixt's Rental Fords in the USA

Founded in 1903 in America, Ford is one of the most well-known car brands in the world and was the first company to introduce production lines to create vast quantities of vehicles for the USA. This esteemed company is now famous for creating powerful and reliable vehicles and are continually enhancing the automobile industry with contemporary techniques. You too can experience these premium quality vehicles with Sixt rent a car. Find out more about the wide array of Ford car rentals that Sixt offer below.

Drive a Ford Mustang from Sixt rent a car. Sixt offers amazing Ford rentals for great prices.

Ford Mustang

When the first Mustang was launched back in 1965 the meaning of the term "Muscle Car" changed forever. The current models offered by Sixt still keep the same essence from four decades ago. This performance-oriented vehicle is fun to drive, safe and has plenty of comfort for both the driver and its passengers. Sixt rent a car is proud to have the Ford Mustang convertible in its fleet.

Sixt offer a fantastic selection of cheap Ford rentals including the Ford Fiesta car rental

Ford Fiesta

This compact and economical automobile offered by Sixt is a popular choice for those looking to renting a car that has low gas consumption. The economical Ford Fiesta also has a sleek design, luxurious interior and all the modern features you would want in a family rental car. 

Drive a Ford Focus from Sixt rent a car. Sixt offers amazing Ford rentals at affordable rates.

Ford Flex

With a boldly designed exterior and a modern, comfortable interior the Ford Flex has a distinctive look and provides a high quality rental experience. This vehicle is very spacious and ideal for long trips, and also features a Glass Roof that provides passengers with astonishing views.

Drive a Ford E350 Club Wagon from Sixt rent a car. Sixt offers amazing Ford rentals at affordable rates.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is a Mid-size sedan produced by Ford since 2006. The Fusion has been known for the quality of materials in its interior, its fuel efficiency and its safety features allowing for a supreme driving experience perfect for family vacations or important business trips.

Drive a Ford E350 Club Wagon from Sixt rent a car. Sixt offers amazing Ford rentals at affordable rates.

Ford E350 Club Wagon

Seating as many as 12 people, the Ford E350 Club Wagon is a spacious and comfortable automobile that will transport its passengers in safety and style. This minivan is an essential for any road-trip or vacation with large families and groups of friends.

Drive a Ford E350 Club Wagon from Sixt rent a car. Sixt offers amazing Ford rentals at affordable rates.

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a highly capable SUV with top quality technology and traction-control designed to drive over rough terrain but also perform well in the city. This vehicle is very versatile and comes with tons of attractive features that will make your rental experience very pleasurable.

Drive a Ford Explorer from Sixt rent a car. Sixt offers amazing Ford rentals with great deals.

Ford Explorer

Built with a stylish exterior and a very modern interior, the Ford Explorer is a versatile rental car that possesses great off-road performance capabilities while at the same time running smoothly in the city. This SUV is perfect for wild vacations both off and on the road.

Drive a Ford Expedition from Sixt rent a car. Sixt offers amazing Ford rentals at affordable rates.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is a luxurious Sports Utility Vehicle ideal for large families and off-road adventures. This powerful car comes with a V8 engine that delivers 310 Horsepower and tons of torque for plenty of fun drives.

Save Money with a Sixt Ford Rental Car

Contacting Sixt car rental and making your arrangements could prove to be far simpler and easier than many customers would have thought possible. With our fantastic customer service, our Sixt employees will assist you with finding the perfect rental vehicle. The superior level of service, greater vehicle selection and options that Sixt has to offer will ensure that renting your next vehicle can be done with greater ease and satisfaction. Take advantage of Sixt's best deals and prepay online to save time and money. Upgrade your Sixt rental car with a useful extra that will ensure nothing goes wrong. Find out more below.

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