Convertible Rental in Weehawken, New Jersey

From the long winter that was to the short summer that's coming, what better way to spend it then renting a convertible? Actually, what better way to spend it than renting a convertible in Weehawken, NJ? That can be topped only if your rented convertible comes from Weehawken Port Imperial.

Remember that special feel of the breeze blowing through your hair as you cruise down the highway? Remember that center-of-attention feeling when you stop for a light and everybody stares at the cool-looking car? You can get those feelings once again after just one stop at Sixt Rental Car Weehawken Port Imperial and pick up your convertible.


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Drive around in style At Weehawken Port Imperial

Get a great deal on a Sixt Convertible Fiat 500 rental in Weehawken, New Jersey At Weehawken Port Imperial, we have quality cars for those who appreciate the best in rentals from all around the Weehawken area.

As a family-owned business with more than 100 years of know-how behind us, we can offer you an impressive fleet of cars along with quality service.

Do you need a minivan that holds the entire family? How about a luxury car to impress that certain someone? Perhaps you're just looking for that latest and most stylish convertible just to impress yourself? We have them all, and our huge fleet makes it possible for almost anyone to find a rental car at an affordable price.




More Information about our Weehawken Location

4800 Ave At Port Imperial Blvd

07086-6938 Weehawken

Phone # +1-201-2710000

Fax # +1-201-6086808

To find out this location and get more information about traveling to Weehawken, visit car rental Weehawken page.

Treat yourself well during you time in Weehawkin with Sixt rental car

Rent a luxury Convertible Jeep Wrangler Unlimited from Sixt car rentals in Weehawken, New JerseyIn addition to the rental car you want, Weehawken Port Imperial has other services that can enhance your driving experience. For an around-town cruise in your convertible, you might enjoy an infotainment package. If you're dreaming of miles on the road, we have cars with a GPS navigation system. Whatever your pleasure, we are here to please.


After you pick up your convertible at our NY Waterway Port Imperial Ferry Terminal location, the highway is yours. In just a few minutes, you can be cruising through New York City with everyone's eyes on that beautiful car. New Jersey has many miles of driving fun too. It's all available as soon as you get behind that wheel. For the best in service and the best in car rentals, come see Weehawken Port Imperial. Remember: this is going to be a convertible summer!