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Customer Reviews About Sixt

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  • | 09.12.2014 01:25
    5 5
    All went well with the rental.
  • | 08.12.2014 19:11
    5 5
    Very easy process, great prices, and excellent and friendly staff.
  • | 03.12.2014 18:14
    5 5
    It was an excellent transaction from my order over the internet to the gentleman who received the vehicle when we were done!
  • | 02.12.2014 15:06
    5 5
  • | 23.11.2014 17:35
    5 5
    The rental process was very easy and efficient. I was able to get my vehicle quickly and the female employee who was there when I picked up and returned the vehicle, at Myrtle Beach, was friendly and professional.
  • | 23.11.2014 12:59
    5 5
    You make the whole rental experience a pleasure
  • | 15.11.2014 13:21
    5 5
    This is the second time that I have rented from Sixt and I would rent again. For me price has a lot to do with who I rent from and I found Sixt to have the fairest prices.
  • | 15.11.2014 12:06
    5 5
    the rep at the counter was great
  • | 14.11.2014 00:48
    5 5
    Easy booking, great service and excellent rental.
  • | 28.10.2014 14:23
    5 5
    This was probably the easiest rental process I have ever experienced. A genuine pleasure....thanks!
  • | 20.10.2014 16:25
    5 5
    Very nice.... Would rent from them again.
  • | 15.10.2014 10:52
    5 5
    What an awesome experience. Your agent was very friendly, taking the time to sincerely make sure I was all set with my car rental. His personal service started my vacation on the right foot. I had a very pleasant experience at Sixt. Thank you!
  • | 08.10.2014 22:20
    5 5
    The agent who took care of us was very friendly & helpful He got us in & out in no time. We got the car we requested with no problems. Thank you again for the wonderful service!
  • | 30.09.2014 11:38
    5 5
    The process to rent the vehicle was super fast and easy. The representative I spoke to at Myrtle Beach airport was extremely friendly and helpful even at 7 AM!
  • | 29.09.2014 11:03
    5 5
    The agent was great and very friendly. It's rare these days to encounter someone who is so nice.
  • | 28.09.2014 17:25
    5 5
    Great cars, great people.
  • | 24.09.2014 11:11
    5 5
    The car rental process was simple! No waiting for our car, no delay at drop off.The company representative was friendly and informative.
  • | 18.09.2014 13:46
    4 5
    I was delighted with the experience of the car rental. The employees were kind, friendly, and courteous and remain the most efficient and enjoyable part of the rental experience.
  • | 18.08.2014 12:11
    5 5
    Your staff was very pleasant and helpful.
  • | 06.08.2014 09:49
    5 5
    Customer service was great and the process was quick!
  • | 23.07.2014 14:16
    5 5
    We had a nice car. Very clean. We will rent again from sixt. Thanks for a good exeperience
  • | 17.07.2014 09:59
    5 5
    I will be renting every time I come to Mrytle Beach.
  • | 16.07.2014 15:03
    5 5
    The agent at the counter was very helpful and provided excellent customer service!! He was very efficient and knowledgeable and helped to resolve my problem! I would definitely rent with you again solely based on my interaction with your staff!!!!
  • | 15.07.2014 12:16
    5 5
    My first experience with Sixt was very good. I will try again. Soon.
  • | 24.06.2014 16:31
    5 5
    This was my first car rental experience from Sixt. I'm pleased to say it was a very good experience all the way around. Well done.
  • | 18.06.2014 14:55
    5 5
    The clarity and ease of the booking process was clean & efficient. Staff were friendly and helpful. Vehicle return was also clean & efficient.
  • | 07.06.2014 18:27
    5 5
    Prior to renting from Sixt I was not familiar with your company. I was very pleased with the entire process including the vehicle. I will rent from Sixt in the future.
  • | 25.04.2014 13:58
    5 5
    Very smooth transaction from booking the car, fair price, picking it up, no problems with the car and dropping off was a breeze. Would definitely rent from you again.
  • | 19.04.2014 21:36
    5 5
    First time using Sixt. Was totally satisfied with my experience. Process was very efficient. Employees knowledgeable and friendly at the desk, as well as the gentlemen in the return parking lot!
  • | 16.04.2014 16:56
    5 5
    This was my first time renting at Sixt. Everything went very smooth. I work for a large corporation who offers discounts at another rental car company. However, my first experience with Sixt was so satisfying I will be using Sixt again in the future. Thanks!
  • | 05.03.2014 14:07
    5 5
    Great company, Great vehicle, Great service, Great price!
  • | 28.02.2014 14:06
    5 5
    The attendant was very nice and helpful. The car I was suppose to rent wasn't available so he got me into another vehicle very quickly and I was extremely impressed.
  • | 28.02.2014 03:16
    5 5
    Staff was very courteous and friendly. The pick up and drop off was easy and fast. Overall a great experience
  • | 15.02.2014 13:07
    4 5
    Rental process was easy. No problems with car during rental period and it was comfortable and easy to drive. The staff was very professional and pleasant to deal with. I will use your car rental service in the future and will recommend Sixt to others.
  • | 31.01.2014 15:28
    5 5
    The type of car (camry) for the cost was an excellent value. The rental process was easy and efficient. Overall a great experience. Definately will rent from this company again.
  • | 22.01.2014 14:01
    5 5
    This was the second time I rented from Sixt; they provide a convenient and efficient process for renting, picking up and returning a car.
  • | 15.01.2014 12:31
    5 5
    There was no wait to pick up the rental car, the person at counter cleared any concerns I had, and I was quickly on my way to enjoy my stay in Myrtle Beach.
  • | 24.12.2013 12:02
    5 5
    Process was very quick and affordable. The people at the counter were very friendly and helpful.
  • | 14.12.2013 15:57
    5 5
    I enjoyed my experience, and I will use Sixt again when I fly in to Myrtle Beach, or any other place where Sixt is available. Thank you for your kind and courteous staff.
  • | 13.12.2013 04:55
    5 5
    Great experience staff was friendly and knowledgeable
  • | 12.12.2013 23:20
    5 5
    Easy to rent and right out the door down the road!
  • | 28.11.2013 15:01
    4 5
    Easy check in of vehicle. Like the fact that they email confirmations for pick up and return. Definitely using you guys again!
  • | 25.11.2013 14:39
    5 5
    The Sixt Representative I checked in with was excellent, very curteous and helpful. She was the main reason for the excellent review.
  • | 24.11.2013 14:40
    5 5
    I could have marked several reasons as why everything was great and it was an easy process for checking in and checking out. I would rent again from you and will pass the word on
  • | 24.11.2013 01:30
    5 5
    Easy, simple and fast service plus good pricing have me sold. I will rent from Sixt again in the future.
  • | 18.11.2013 12:32
    5 5
    I was so pleased with Sixt. The employees were so helpful and my car was wonderful. I was absolutely use Sixt the next time I need to rent a car.
  • | 14.11.2013 15:58
    5 5
    It was the easiest thing I've ever had to do, was rent a car from Sixt. Well done, and I will be back.
  • | 14.11.2013 12:51
    5 5
    This was the easiest rental car experience. All in one building, cars right outside. The car was great. I'm glad I had that car because I needed the extra room. I will definitely use you again.
  • | 11.11.2013 15:42
    5 5
    Very happy with my first-time rental experience with SIXT. Your rentalassociate was very courteous and professional. Will gladly rent fromyour company in the future.
  • | 10.11.2013 19:37
    5 5
    Great service, great prices.
  • | 08.11.2013 21:42
    5 5
    First time renting from Sixt, but not the last. Thank you for a very good experience!
  • | 07.11.2013 22:49
    5 5
    The service rep was pleasant efficient and speedy. I appreciated the upgrade. It will bring me back. Good customer service. You have won me over.
  • | 02.11.2013 12:59
    5 5
    Booking online was easy. Staff was professional and courteous. The car was a pleasure to drive. Drop off was quick and convenient. Will definitely rent from Sixt again!!
  • | 31.10.2013 16:34
    5 5
    Best rental company I have ever used. Will never book with anyone else. Good job guys keep up the good work.
  • | 30.10.2013 18:27
    5 5
    Best deal with a superior car.
  • | 30.10.2013 15:54
    5 5
    Great price for a great car.
  • | 29.10.2013 16:54
    5 5
    Everybody at Sixt was professional and accommodating. Car was clean and well maintained. I will definately rent from Sixt whenever possible.
  • | 29.10.2013 11:17
    5 5
    My experience was great with your company. Thanks!
  • | 28.10.2013 19:13
    5 5
    Check in was a breeze. Return was even easier.
  • | 26.10.2013 21:00
    5 5
    It was so easy to book on when booking my car with Sixt. I even received an AWESOME Volvo at a GREAT price. It far exceeded my expectations since this was my first time renting a vehicle with Sixt. If I receive this type of service every time I book with Sixt, I'm definitely coming back!
  • | 26.10.2013 14:40
    5 5
    I will definitely use your service again. See you soon.
  • | 26.10.2013 13:36
    5 5
    A very good experience. Would definitely use Sixt in the future.
  • | 24.10.2013 11:48
    5 5
    Good service, nice experience. I'll look to use SIXT again.
  • | 19.10.2013 12:54
    5 5
    The service rep was very friendly and helpful. The process to rent and return was as quick and painless as I have ever had to complete when renting a car. Would definitly rent from Sixt again.
  • | 17.10.2013 20:25
    5 5
    The rate I got on my rental was great - other companies couldn't even come close. That, combined with the great customer service, beautiful vehicle received, and ease of the whole process, provided an awesome experience. I will definitely recommend your company and I will rent from you again!
  • | 17.10.2013 03:45
    5 5
  • | 15.10.2013 11:19
    5 5
    Economics play a roll in the rental process you provided the best price and vehicle for what I was looking for.
  • | 14.10.2013 17:39
    5 5
    Your prices were much better than the competition, employees were friendly and helpful, the car was clean and nice to drive.
  • | 14.10.2013 17:07
    5 5
    This is my second rental. I will always check for you at any airport.
  • | 11.10.2013 14:10
    5 5
  • | 07.10.2013 20:02
    5 5
    Again, very satisfied with Sixt. Best price for a rental during that period.
  • | 07.10.2013 10:41
    5 5
    All went smoothly and quickly both getting and returning thr car. A pleasant experience
  • | 06.10.2013 21:40
    5 5
    This is the first time renting from Sixt. The employee handling the rental process helped me upgrade the vehicle efficiently, and at a reasonable price. The vehicle was relatively new, clean and met all of our needs. I also thought that the return process was extremely easy. I would recommend SixT to anyone needing an auto rental.
  • | 02.10.2013 14:22
    5 5
    The rental agent was very professional and pleasant. There were no lines or waiting and the vehicle was luxururios. It was a wonderful experience and I am happy you are a new company and I wish you all the luck!Thank you.
  • | 02.10.2013 12:48
    5 5
    I had not used Sixt before and was skeptical because the price was so much lower than the others but read something about them in AARP magazine so decided to try them. Wonderful!
  • | 01.10.2013 12:32
    5 5
    Very satisfied with the luxury vehicle we recieved at a exceptional rate. Would definitely rent from sixt again and recommend to my family and friends.
  • | 01.10.2013 06:24
    5 5
    Courteous and professional staff made our rental experience quick and hassle free. We were placed in a very clean, nice, late model Dodge Challenger. Our entire experience with Sixt was ideal, from beginning to end! Thanks!
  • | 29.09.2013 15:35
    5 5
    When I arrived at sixt to pickup the car, I was given an upgrade! What a wonderful surprise. Sixt goes the 110% to ensure customer satisfaction. Thank you.
  • | 25.09.2013 22:58
    5 5
    Sixt provided a quick and easy process to pick up and return the vehicle. We didn't have to wait in any line to pick up or return. I would definitely would rent again from Sixt.
  • | 23.09.2013 13:36
    5 5
    Nice car (new), friendly staff and very competitive price. Very satisfied.
  • | 21.09.2013 11:03
    5 5
    First time renting with Sixt, loved it! We'll be back!
  • | 19.09.2013 11:24
    5 5
    It was nice driving a hybrid for 4 days and only spending $17 to fill it up. Really loved the car.
  • | 12.09.2013 15:24
    5 5
    The booking process was easy and the price was right. The location was on the airport grounds.
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Location Details
Address: 1100 Jet Port Rd
  29577-4201 Myrtle Beach US +1-843-6260100
Location: airport
GDS - Code: MYR
SIXT #: 7483
Opening Hours
Mo. - Su.07:00 - 24:00
Bank holiday07:00 - 24:00
 24 h return

Welcome to the Myrtle Beach Intl Airport Sixt rent a car office

Welcome to Sixt rent a car Myrtle Beach Airport! We are located inside the airport at the rental car facility, where you will be able choose from among our expansive high quality car rental fleet. Sixt offers vehicles ranging from convertibles, luxury cars, economy cars, even vans. No matter why you are traveling to Myrtle Beach Sixt has all of your transportation needs covered. Think of Sixt rent a car once you land at Myrtle Beach Airport! Read what our customers are saying here! +1 demo: Basic page
( Branch Manager )

Car Rentals at Myrtle Beach International Airport

If you are planning an upcoming vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you will more than likely need the help of a rental car to get you to all the sites you want to visit. This prime beach destination sees a wide number of visitors throughout the spring and summer months, making it a great place to visit for families, couples, singles, and those traveling here on business. Those who are traveling from distance away may be flying into the Myrtle Beach International Airport. To make your journey even easier, Sixt has a rental car Myrtle Beach airport location so you don't have to waste any time starting your beach holiday.

With all of our car rental Myrtle Beach vehicles no more than 6 months old, you're guaranteed to a quality car that has been professional cleaned and maintained for the best driving experience possible. Sixt offers many services and extra options such as satellite navigation, audio entertainment specifics, and unlimited miles to help make your stay in South Carolina enjoyable.

We offer a wide selection of Myrtle Beach car rentalsso you can choose anything from an economy car like Ford and Nissan to save on gas, to a luxury vehicles like BMW and Mercedes so you can cruise the coastline in a sleek convertible. Take a look at our current deals and promotions so you can guarantee to get the lowest rate for our already affordable Myrtle Beach car rentals. Hit the road as soon as you arrive and make the most out of your beach vacation.

Ease of Rental at Myrtle Beach International Airport

  • Sixt car rental Myrtle Beach airport enables you to truly enjoy each and every aspect of your vacation in this beautiful coastal city. Because this large international airport sees thousands of visitors from around the world on a daily basis, Sixt ensures vehicle rental availability at all times with their wide selection of car styles and models.
  • With vehicles always in stock and ready to go, there is no need to book in advance if you would rather book your Myrtle Beach airport car rental upon arrival. If you do prepay for your car rental, you are able to save up to 30% on the regular rental rate. Whether you are in need of a car for as little as a long weekend to as long as a months time, Sixt offers services and packages that are guaranteed to meet all of your needs.
  • With unlimited mileage, availability and luxury guarantees, Sixt car rental Myrtle Beach International Airport will not disappoint you.

Check out the Areas Surrounding Myrtle Beach

  • Murrells Inlet- The quieter neighbor to more bustling Myrtle Beach, this town is a quick 20 minute drive south. Come here to play on some of South Carolina's best golf courses in between sampling all the cuisine offered by "The seafood capital of South Carolina."

  • Cypress Gardens- A little over 1.5 hours away is the amazing wildlife and outdoors refuge Cypress Gardens. Come here to go on a guided kayak tour of the most amazing river and swamp terrain, seeing cypress trees hundreds of years old, then take a walk around the beautiful gardens all throughout the area.

  • Charleston- Take a quick 2 hour drive down I-26 for a day trip into one of the oldest cities in America. Visit the historical landmarks, tour forts and houses that have been around since before the Revolutionary War, and enjoy some of the best seafood you'll ever taste.

  • Make the most of your Myrtle Beach airport rental car by exploring both the city and the wondering areas around it. Don't rely on public transportation, but work on your own schedule. Take advantage of the opportunities that only come from a Sixt rent a car Myrtle Beach Airport vehicle.

    Location details

    Opening Hours

    Mo. - Su.07:00 - 24:00
    Bank holiday07:00 - 24:00

    Contacts / Lost & Found

    SIXT # Myrtle Beach Intl Airport MYR 1100 Jet Port Rd 29577-4201 Myrtle Beach 33.682524, -78.923117 +1-843-6260100 +1-843-6263634

    SIXT # Myrtle Beach Intl Airport MYR

    1100 Jet Port Rd
    29577-4201 Myrtle Beach
    Phone no. +1-843-6260100
    Fax +1-843-6263634

    Location plan - how to find us

    Arriving by plane at the Myrtle Beach (MYR) Airport

    Sixt Rent A Car is located at the Car Rental Facility directly across from the baggage claim. Please follow Rental Car signage to the facility.

    Download location map

    Out of hours pickup & return

    Out of hour pickup possible.

    Contact location for further information.

    Out of hour return possible.

    For all after hour returns, please park in the designated Sixt Rent A Car spots. A key drop box is located adjacent to the Car Rental Facility.

    Categories and services at this location

    • Cars & vehicles
    • Sports cars & convertibles
    • 4x4 / SUV
    • Choose vehicle using iPhone for pick up
    • 24 h return