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Coral Gables Car Rental

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Finding the best Car rental deals for a visit to Coral Gables with Sixt

A vehicle rental from Sixt can provide a completely confident and comfortable road trip out to Coral Gables. The delightful south Florida city of Coral Gables can be visited easily with great deals and offers from the famous rental providers. The latest models of SUVs, vans and luxurious convertible sports cars can all be found at nearby Miami and Florida Sixt outlets. Every deal will covered by flexible schemes of insurance thar can provide perfect security for a visit to Coral Gables.

What to see and do in Coral Gables with a Rent a Car

Coral Gables is a city in Florida. Situated south west of Doentoen Miami, the city can offer Sixt Car rental users a fantastic road trip. Nicknamed the 'city beautiful', a rent a car visit to Coral Gables can provide a fantastic experience. The city is home to around 140 dining establishments just perfect for enjoying the warm weather and equally warm welcome! The wonders of the Venetian Pool, the Biltmore Hotel and the Douglas Entrance are just a few of the wonderful attractions in the city. A Sixt road trip to Coral Gables can offer beautiful sights and beautiful memories.