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Wellingborough Car Rental

Why rent with Sixt?

  • 4,000+ rental locations worldwide
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  • 180,000+ vehicles in our fleet
  • 50,000+ premium rental vehicles
  • 5th largest global car rental company
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Enjoy car rental in Wellingborough

For a vehicle hire experience that is organised by a company who pride themselves on excellent service, customer satisfaction and a wide range of options, Sixt is the place to go to rent a car Wellingborough. There is a large selection of vehicles available, giving you a solution for any kind of trip. You may want to cruise the scenic area of Wellingborough in a convertible so you can take in the air while driving or you may be looking for a more functional commute, with an SUV or van. No matter what vehicle you choose, you can get the peace of mind you deserve, by taking Sixt up on their additional liability insurance, personal accident cover or damage waiver. If you are taking a trip to this wonderful area of the United Kingdom and are planning to book online, you also have the option to choose to have your car shipped to the nearest airport, so you can pick it up as soon as you arrive.

What to see and do whilst enjoying a car rental in Wellingborough

Wellingborough is a pleasant village in the heart of Northamptonshire, situated on the banks of the River Nene. If you were to rent a car in Wellingborough you could take advantage of the winding roads, beautiful scenery and picturesque village sights. Wellingborough high street has a wealth of shops, selling traditional and modern wares. A visit here on nice day would be a great reason to make use of your car rental in Wellingborough. If after being out and about you find yourself a little parched and hungry, you can enter one of the many traditional pubs in the center of the village. Here you will find selections of authentic Northamptonshire dishes and a range of fine ales that will be sure to quench your needs. If the traditional environment gets too much for you, you could always take a drive into London, as you are only a few miles away from the charming capital. This is a beautiful village in the United Kingdom, and with access to many things of interest, why not take this opportunity to book your break and car hire today?