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Pemba Car Rental

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  • Pemba Airport

    Sixt rent a car
    Aeroporto de Pemba
    12345 Pemba

    Mo. - Su.07:00 - 19:00
    Bank holiday07:00 - 19:00

    24 h pickup

    Available vehicle categories: Cars & vehicles, 4x4 / SUV

Car Rental Courtesy Of Sixt In Pemba, Mozambique

Sixt makes car rental in Pemba simple. Book online and choose from our extensive fleet of vehicles, ranging from small cars to large people carriers. The East African city of Pemba has its own airport, so you can easily fly and drive without a tiresome long journey from the airport to our office, where your chosen car rental vehicle will be ready and waiting for you the very moment you arrive. Explore this wonderful city in comfort when you rent a car with Sixt Car Rental for your road trip in Pemba.

Places To Drive When You Rent A Car In Pemba

Pemba is a picturesque coastal city in Mozambique, Africa, where warm equatorial sun can be enjoyed all year round. Rent a car with Sixt in Pemba and take in all the breathtaking delights that this beautiful city has to offer. Portuguese rule ended in the mid seventies, but when you drive your rented car around the city, you will soon discover that the region still retains most of its wonderful colonial architecture. In the city centre of Pemba, you will find a delightful local market, called a Souk, where you can buy traditional arts and crafts. No road trip to Pemba would be complete without a drive to the city's delightful port, as well as exploring its beautiful beaches. Enjoy Pemba and the whole world in style when you hire a car with Sixt.