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    Via dell' Agricoltura 55/57
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Rent a car in Pavia, Italy

Sixt makes car rental in Pavia a delightfully efficient and cost effective process. Whether you are looking for an ultra affordable suv or a flashy car that will boost your status as you travel through Pavia, our extensive fleet of over 20, 000 vehicles is sure to contain your dream hire car. Here at Sixt we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers enjoy the very best motoring experience. Thus, we only stock the latest models of each type of vehicle in our fleet, so that our customers can benefit from the latest innovations in automobile technology. When you rent a car in Pavia with Sixt, we will have our professional cleaners and mechanics give it a once over so that it feels brand new when we hand you over the keys. If you are seeking any additional features, such as insurance packages that won't break the bank or a great deal on unlimited mileage, then make sure to check our catalogue of offers. To make your trip to Italy extra convenient, we can have your chosen hire car waiting for you at the airport ready for your flight to Pavia to arrive.

What to see when you rent a car in Pavia.

The ancient city of Pavia is home to a plethora of stunning buildings, trendy bars, and museums. Car rental in Pavia will give you the freedom to see as many of these attractions as you like, and to do so in your own time. Make sure to visit the Basilica San Teodoro and the Basilica San Michele Maggiore, for example, which are splendid examples of Romanesque and other styles of architecture and sculpture. Pavia is located within the stunning Lombardy region of Italy, famous for its rolling countryside and welcoming rustic farms and vineyards. Car rental in Pavia will enable you to explore the gorgeous countryside surrounding the city to the full. Why not visit one of the traditional markets within the city before you set off so that you can load up the trunk of your hired vehicle with fresh Italian meat, bread, and cheeses, and a bottle of local wine to enjoy in the breathtaking hills.