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Avezzano Car Rental

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Rent a car in Avezzano with Sixt

Car rental in Avezzano, Italy is a very easy and expedient process with Sixt. Whether you need a sleek luxury car, convertible, sports car, 4xs, or a truck, Sixt Car Rental is well capable of availing you with any kind of car you desire for your vacation transport. Rent a car from any Sixt rent a car station located at the Avezzano airport arrival area. Get a reasonably priced and trouble-free rental car for your holiday break in Avezzano; Sixt has the perfect vehicle for you to take an unforgettable road trip through Avezzano. You can even rent a car online at your own convenience and we will deliver it to you upon your arrival in Avezzano. Whatever kind of car rental you need, let Sixt Car Rental be your chosen rental car service company.

What to do in Avezzano with a rental car

Avezzano, Italy is quite popular for its diverse cultural attractions. It primarily boasts of numerous fantastic hotels and a few historic sites. Located just south of the Liri valley, Avezzano has spectacular views of Albense; you can drive at the foot of the Pietraquaria Mountain and experience a great time outdoors. The road winds up nicely on the north-eastern slopes of Monte d'Orce with fine retrospective views. This worth-while trip will let you experience the wide high valley which sits gorgeously between Monte Velino and Monte Sirente, with several of Avezzano's villages which are very popular for their summer and winter resorts. The attractive downhill views also offer a chance to see the ruins of Castello Piccolomini castle and an old church near it Avezzano is also worth a visit because of its local museum of rural culture.