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Touring the Forrests of Sulingen

Creative travelers seeking a fairytale experience while visiting Germany need only look at the village of Sulingen. Nestled amidst the pristine lakes and ancient forests of this lower Saxony area, Sulingen is a wonderful example of the old German way of life. Neighboring towns help to define the patchwork regional identity.

Sulingen is much more accessible with the increase of reliable, travel friendly Sixt rent a car services!
Getting a car hire makes day trips through Sulingen a memorable tourist experience. Sulingen was prominent during the heyday of the Holy Roman Empire, and echoes of their former glories can be still seen today when driving along centuries old roads and lanes.

The lake areas to the south of Sulingen are the ideal beginning of a Saxon country driving tour. The gorgeous Dümmer lake is home to multiple species of rare and unusual birds. Nearly ten miles of reed filled wetlands and marshes clustered around the Dümmer stand as one of the most striking natural landmarks in all of Saxony.

When exploring the vast natural beauties surrounding Sulingen, its a good idea for visitors to at least become familiar with the road map included with most rental cars. Local road maps for the area can often keep new comers from becoming lost or turning in the wrong direction. Plus, fun local tourist locations can sometimes be the best part of a Sulingen driving tour.

Taking your car rental to the north of Sulingen will take you into the majesty of the German forests. Very few of the old growth trees in Europe remain standing today and visitors to the northern Sulingen forest are often presented with a view unlike any other in Germany. Driving a bit further north and you will discover delightful farms and pastoral agricultural centers.

Although car rental services typically provide cars with full fuel tanks, driving through the Sulingen forests will make it more and more difficult to find modern fuel stations. First time travelers may want to consider adding the fuel card option when they book a car rental for the day. Nothing is more satisfying at the end of a driving tour than resting in a traditional German beer hall. The sight of large beer steins and plates of steaming rich food encapsulate the delights of rural Saxon living. Be sure to bring your camera, because youll want to show everyone what youve discovered in the Medieval village of magical Sulingen.