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Marburg Car Rental

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Car Rental with Sixt in Marburg, Germany

Sixt car rental in Marburg provides tourists with the perfect opportunity to travel conveniently and efficiently during their holidays. We have great deals on cars for families, friends and even single individuals who want to discover the city on their own. We have a variety of vehicles so tourists can chose what suits their needs best. From our convertibles, to the more economic sedans, the more spacious SUVs or family oriented mini-vans, we have every option to make sure you find what you are looking for. When you rent a car in Marburg we also offer insurance coverage for the driver and his passengers so you can drive your car rental to different regions and explore with ease. Our car rental in Marburg also makes the collecting and returning procedure easy, because all you need to do is sign up via our website and the car will be waiting upon your arrival. We also offer 24 hour returns on our vehicles so you feel free to enjoy your time in the city to the fullest.

What to See with a Car Rental in Marburg

Once you rent a car in Marburg, you can begin your journey to visit one of Germany's many beautiful small towns. Driving around town from your hotel will be convenient because public transport has specific hours but your car rental allows you to set your own. The main attraction in the city is Germany's oldest gothic church, called Elisabeth-Church. It has astonishing architecture and contains breath taking paintings on the interior. You can also drive to the old castle of the city, with an exceptional view of the town and the Lahn river. There is also an interesting old fortress located 15 Kilometers east of the city, called the Amoeneburg. There is also plenty of traditional restaurants, art exhibitions and flea markets near the main train station. Since Marburg is essentially a student city, tourists can easily find affordable places to eat or drink at. Marburg is a small town so finding your way around the city will not be an issue. Our colleagues at Sixt are looking forward to meeting with you and guiding you further.