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Car Rental in Bingen, Germany

With its mountains, hills and forests, Bingen offers a lot to its tourists and a car hire from Sixt is an easy way to see it all. Sixt's fleet of cars include options to suit every budget- we have modest 4x4s and vans, as well as luxury models like sports cars, convertibles and SUVs. Rent a car before your Bingen trip and you can have the vehicle pick you up directly from the airport. Our 24-hour pick-up and drop service allows you the flexibility of being able to go anywhere you want, at any time of the day- something that would have been impossible if you were dependent on the public transport system. Our cars come with a host of extra features too. Opt for a vehicle with satellite navigation system if you're unfamiliar with the area. Select our unlimited miles scheme if you are planning a day trip and will be driving long distances. So look up our options for car rental in Bingen and make the most of this idyllic corner of Germany.

Rent a car in Bingen to see the sights

There are many forts, castles, cathedrals and markets to enjoy here. The Mouse Tower is a renowned monument in Bingen and carries an interesting, if somewhat gory, legend of the cruel archbishop Hatto II being attacked by an army of mice as punishment for his heartless deeds, centuries ago. Today, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has several good restaurants nearby. At about a 20-minute drive from the city centre, the Museum am Strom is a great stop if you're visiting with kids. Built in honour of the nun Hildegard, this museum has some impressive exhibits including one showing a collection of 2nd century Roman medical instruments, one tracing the history of the region and one devoted to Hildegard's life. There are several interesting day trips that can be organized from Bingen. Braubach is about an hour's drive in your rental car, and the Marksburg Castle makes it worth the trip. With its fascinating architecture, impressive collection of medieval weapons, and its rooms maintained as they were long ago, this castle takes you back through the pages of history. So browse through our options of car rental in Bingen and enjoy this stunning city to its fullest.