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  • Ferdinand-Porsche-Str.5
    73457 Essingen bei Aalen

    Mo. - Fr.07:30 - 18:00
    Sa.09:00 - 12:00
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  • Essingen near Aalen

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    73457 Essingen bei Aalen

    Mo. - Fr.07:30 - 18:00
    Sa.09:00 - 12:00

    24 h return

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Rent a Car Aalen, Germany

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility that Car Rental Aalen gives you. Founded in 1912, Sixt has provided people with mobility solutions for over 100 years, so whether you need a car for a couple of hours or a car for a couple of months, there are a range of rental options that will best meet both your needs and your budget. There are a variety of car models to choose, from SUV's to convertibiles, as well as alternative mobility options such as carpooling or chauffeuring. Plus, as a customer you can enjoy exclusive benefits from selected airlines and hotels. Instead of relying on public transport or spending time planning your visit, you can spend more of your time living during your visit. Not only are there competitive insurance packages on offer, you can also complete the entire rental process online. Proud of being the first ever car rental organisation to go virtual, Sixt is committed to efficient, relevant and leading edge car rental solutions. We look forward to doing business with you.

What to do with Car Rental Aalen, Germany

Enjoy the ease with which you can explore this historically rich and geographically expansive city with Rent a Car Aalen. It enables you to travel with convenience and ease, from Dewangen in the West, all the way to Waldhausen in the East - doing all of which at a pace that suits you and your needs. Perhaps you like the idea of driving to Fachsenfeld (one of Aalen's most popular residential areas) to visit the Fachsenfeld Castle to explore the library, art gallery and gardens, or perhaps even indulge in a local concert or performance. Travel East to Hofen and enjoy a hike, or drive South to visit the Limes Museum in central Aalen where there are fascinating artefacts, models and designs all relating to the occupation of Southern Germany by the Romans in 200 AD. Whether travelling for business or for pleasure, the freedom of Car Rental Aalen will give you the luxury of being able to explore what makes Aalen so unique, as well as ensure that you make the most of your trip.