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Traveling through French Guyana has never been easier when you rent a car with Sixt! Car rental in French Guyana is home to three Sixt locations, each with a great selection of cars. Sixt makes traveling easy and fun, with a variety of car rental options to help vacationers feel safe, welcome and appreciated. If you are on vacation and need to rent a car in French Guyana, this is surely the place to go.

Driving rules in French Guyana

French Guyana has driving laws which must be learned before attempting to get on the road to do some sightseeing. Executing these simple driving techniques ensures the drivers will keep safe.

  • The minimum driving age in French Guyana is 18
  • Always drive on the right side of the road
  • Be sure to obey all traffic lights and speed limits
While keeping in mind these simple laws along with others, your experience with your car rental in French Guyana will be a pleasant one. The country has most of the same traffic laws as France, so knowing basic French driving laws is a great start.

What to visit when you rent a car in French Guyana

Although French Guyana is a small country, it is rich with rainforests and culture. You can rent a car at the airport and drive down to the carnival on the first Sunday after New Year's Day. At this yearly carnival, there are huge costume balls that last all night, along with parades which draw in people from all over the world. Due to its rich history and location, French Guyana is very ethnically diverse. Its inhabitants include people from Creole, Haiti, Brazil, Europe and Asia. These cultures provide a variety of foods and customs to enjoy and explore. Another option for enjoying your trip and really doing some exploring is to go on a jungle tour. There are many tour agencies which allow visitors to explore the jungle along with expert guides who have been trained to keep groups safe. Tourists can see wild plants and animals and learn survival techniques in a safe environment. If you decide to travel to French Guyana and need a car rental, go to Sixt!

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