Car Rental in Cayman Islands

Car Rental in the Cayman Islands with Sixt

When you arrive in the paradise of the Cayman Islands, you will want to rent a car from Sixt. Located centrally in Georgetown on Grand Cayman, Sixt car rental in the Cayman Islands gives you access to a wide variety of vehicles that will help you go out and explore the seaside and then return you safely to your hotel or Cayman Islands resort. You can choose a red convertible, a sprightly economy car, a sturdy 4x4 or even a luxury sedan. You can be sure that any vehicle you choose is clean and well-maintained. In addition to unlimited mileage on most vehicle and optional LDW insurance, Sixt offers convenient online reservations so that you know exactly which car you will be cruising the beach in. With over 110 years of heritage, Sixt has perfected the car rental.

Rules of the road when you rent a car on the Cayman Islands

When traveling to the Cayman Islands, you may encounter some variation in the driving laws. To keep you safe, here are a few rules to get started with:

  • As with other British Territories, you will need to drive on the left side of the road
  • The speed limit varies, but is generally 25-35 mph and no more than 50 mph on the main roads
  • The Cayman Islands has many pedestrians, so keep in mind when you rent a car you must always yield to those on foot
That will get you started, but be sure to seek out clarification of any traffic laws or signs you may not recognize so that you have a safe driving experience with your car rental in the Cayman Islands.

Where to go when you rent a car in the Cayman Islands

After you pick up your car rental in George Town, you will want to check out the whole island. The main roads of Grand Cayman are largely within sight of the Caribbean Sea, so roll down the windows and enjoy the many sights and sounds that have delighted visitors since Sir Francis Drake. From Shamrock Road to Rum Point Drive, you will enjoy the ride and be happy that you decided to rent a car in the Cayman Islands.


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