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Sao Paulo Car Rental

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Vehicle rentals in Sao Paolo, Brazil

A Sixt car rental in Sao Paolo is going to provide you with more options. Due to the size of the city, you will not be able to walk everywhere and this is where a car rental comes in. You want the ability to go where you want at all times and in a way that is slightly more luxurious than what public transportation has to offer.
When you have a car hire from Sixt, you can take a drive into various parts of the city. You can visit downtown where the city was born as well as South Central, where there is the Parque do Ibirapuera. You may also take a drive into the northeast where the Carnival is held annually and to many of the other parts of the city. It may also be advantageous to see what lies beyond the city. Its not too difficult to drive to Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, where you can explore more of the countrys beaches.
Get the best of Sao Paolo with a rental car!
While tours exist throughout the city, you may not want to rely on these to see all of the sights. You want to stay at the sights for as long as you desire and if you are part of a tour group, this is not possible.
Choosing a car hire with Sixt means choosing where you want to go, when you want to go. If you want to see the city at night, you can do so in your rental car. If you want to see daybreak on the beach, you can do so when you have a car in the city.
Not all places are easy to get to. If you dont want to walk, then you can drive. With a rental car, you get a variety of features. Your rental car can have automatic transmission, air conditioning, power windows and much more.
When you choose to rent a car from Sixt, you also get such services as roadside assistance and directions whenever you need them. This can provide you with added peace of mind when you are in a new city especially if you have never traveled to Brazil in the past.
Whether you are in town to visit a soccer game, the beach, or an array of other things, you dont want to miss out simply because you dont have the best transportation available. Rental cars are available in many sizes, ensuring you select one to fit your needs while in Sao Paolo.


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