Why adding a Radio is a great choice for your Sixt rental car

Radio car rentals with Sixt. Drive as much as you want with Sixt in the USA.


**Subject to availability, these Add-ons are available at participating worldwide Sixt locations. Sixt rent a car cannot guarantee the availability of an Add-on/Extra. It is always subject to availability. If you have any questions regarding your rental, please contact the customer call center of the country you rented in. We are happy to help!


When you choose Sixt rent a car, we're proud to offer you a series of add-ons to make your rental a great experience and with radio car rental give you instant in-car entertainment. With satellite radio the car rental becomes your personal entertainment area with so many specialist stations to choose from at the push of a button. Satellite radio really is a revolution for cars. There's no static, digital quality and wherever you travel you are never out of signal range

  • That means you tune in to your favorite radio station as you set out, and you never lose it as you drive along. And that's whether your journey is fifty miles or five hundred miles.
  • So perhaps you want to keep up with your favorite sports teams and their latest news as you drive one of our cars to your destination. That's taken care of with ease on one of the dedicated sports channels, featuring up-to-the-minute results and interviews.
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Check out the advantages of renting a radio car rental with Sixt

Rent a car with baby seat sixt car rental.

Maybe you're in search of a station dedicated to your favorite singer? You'll likely to find it with this equipment when you browse through the stations, all there at the push of a button. And of course there are stations dedicated to whatever musical style is your favorite companion while you are driving.

Perhaps you'll choose a rock station for a while, before switching to easy listening around the open curves of a seaside route, country for the wide open spaces, r'n'b for urban driving or classical music to relax you.

    Choosing a car radio with Sixt is easy!

    There's many more advantages than entertainment to specifying a car radio when you rent at Sixt rent a car. Choose one of the talk stations and you'll find yourself engaging in the latest current affairs debates.

    • There's traffic updates and of course, when you choose the talk networks, there is also instant news so you never need be out of touch with what's going on as you travel.
    • We at Sixt rent a car know that choosing this option means that you'll be smiling as you drive along, listening to your favorite tunes.

    And we know that you'll also have access to all the information you need to make your trip safer and easier!

    **Subject to availability at participating locations

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