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Sixt rent a car diesel car rentals offer an ideal option for customers who prefer alternatively powered rental vehicles. These vehicles are more economical to run than gasoline-powered cars and mileage is increased by 20 to 30%, even when compared to hybrid cars.


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**Subject to availability, these Add-ons are available at participating worldwide Sixt locations. Sixt rent a car cannot guarantee the availability of a Diesel Car Rental. It is always subject to availability. If you have any questions regarding your rental, please contact the customer call center of the country you rented in. We are happy to help!

These rental cars are more fuel efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles. Cars that use alternative fuels are also more powerful and accelerate more easily to reach the perfect speed more quickly, than gasoline-powered automobiles. For many customers the option of an alternatively powered vehicle which is also fuel efficient and environmentally friendly makes good economic and ethical sense.

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Why rent a Diesel Vehicle from Sixt rent a car?

  • This type of rental car is fitted with a durable engine which makes them able to tolerate the increased denseness of the fuel.
  • When it comes to renting a car you can depend on, many of our customers prefer the superior reliability of these engines.
  • These cars often experience fewer problems than conventional vehicles and often total in excess of 200 000 miles before any form of maintenance is required, making them a trusted choice for many clients. So if you want to make fewer trips to fill up, this type of vehicle may be the perfect choice.
  • Fuel is readily and widely available in most cities, making it simple and convenient to fill up during your journey. These vehicles are perfect for towing trailers due to their excellent torque and fuel efficiency.

How Green are Alternatively Powered Engines?

Once responsible for substantial emissions into the environment, modern engines are a lot greener than their original counterparts. Sixt rent a car offers a range of contemporary vehicles which are less than six months old.


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All vehicles in this range are guaranteed low-emission vehicles which feature enhanced filtration systems, catalytic converters and other fittings which reduce harmful emissions, making them less damaging to the air and general environment.


Diesel car rental is the smart choice for improved fuel efficiency and modern automobiles offer enhanced protection for the natural world, making them a green option, too. Depending on your personal needs the benefits of these vehicles may outweigh their gasoline-powered counterparts.


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Diesel vehicle rental is perfect for customers who want a fuel efficient option with plenty of power and maximum acceleration in a brand new vehicle. These vehicles are particularly suitable if you are planning on covering several miles and want a relatively fuel efficient, low emission rental vehicle.

In particular, diesel car rental makes sense if you choose smaller models. These models are ideally suited for highway driving and that is where the fuel efficiency is maximized.

**Subject to availability at participating locations