Sixt offers Extra Safety: Booster Seat, Child Seat or Baby Seats

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Traveling with children can be a handful. Taking care of toddlers and infants requires focus, safety measures and proper handling. Sixt rent a car offers a wide range of different features and extras specially geared to those who are traveling with babies, toddlers and younger children. As a family owned and operated company, nobody understands Child Protection regulations and requirements better than Sixt, and now you can choose the right seat to ensure that your child can travel in comfort and safety, and in accordance with the law.


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When going on vacation, parents can opt to rent a car with booster seats for children below five years of age at an affordable price. Sixt offers parents a great deal on baby seats and booster seats for children. Vehicular accidents have lessened over the years because of the invention of the seat belt however, seat belts were invented for adults and do not protect children

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The differences between Baby Seats, Booster Seats and Child Seats?

Rent a car with baby seat sixt car rental.

Baby Seats

Baby Seats are useful tools with traveling with infants and children below one year of age. These seats are customized for the body frames of infants and keep them comfortable all throughout the traveling period they will be within a vehicle. These seats also protect children by keeping them snug within its confines made of cushions. Baby seats are best used for parents who travel around a lot with their newborn and infants. These seats are mostly used for babies and not for toddlers. They can be easily detached and used as a stroller or a baby-carrying device, which a person can attach to their body. It helps multitasking parents go about their chores and errands while their infant is safely strapped to them.

Rental cars with booster seat

Booster Seats

Booster seats are used for children who are three years of age and older. These seats are used to carry and restraint children who are over ninety pound. These seats are commonly used for toddlers. Booster seats have seat-belt-like features that keep a child strapped to their seats. Studies have shown that booster seats help lessen the injuries of a car accident by forty five percent. Generally, booster seats help hold toddlers in place and are much larger in comparison to a baby seat and child seat.

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Child Seats

A child seat is also known as child restraint seat. These seats were made to keep children in their seats when on long rides. These seats help protect children in case of car collisions. There are vehicles that have installed child seats directly into the design of their automobiles. These seats are sometimes a general term used for both baby seats and booster seats. A child safety seat is required and mandatory by law that parents used this when bringing small children along on trips and on long travels to keep them safe and comfortable.

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