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Winter tires with Sixt car rental

**Subject to availability, these Add-ons are available at participating worldwide Sixt locations. Sixt rent a car cannot guarantee the availability of an Add-on/Extra. It is always subject to availability. If you have any questions regarding your rental, please contact the customer call center of the country you rented in. We are happy to help!


Sixt rent a car fleets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are equipped with quality all-season tires for use on ice and snow. These tires are an equivalent alternative to snow chains. In contrast to all-weather tires, these tires are constructed from soft rubber compounds and offer less risk of slippage than ordinary tires, making them a great choice during winter. When rain, sleet or snow, make driving treacherous they perform similarly to a snow tire!

Sixt rent a car offers safe all purpose tires for all rentals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as part of our customer safety ethic, and we take immense pride in ensuring the safe journey of our customers.

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All Season Tires Car Rental from Sixt rent a car

  • When temperatures fall below 45 °F, winter tires dramatically outperform all-weather tires. Constructed from soft rubber, these tires offer the best handling of slippery, snow-filled roads.
  • Fitting a vehicle with these tires, when the weather begins to change is a tactical procedure which Sixt implements to increase the safety component of their cars. Safe tire rental is highly recommended by Sixt if you are considering hiring a vehicle for a journey during the winter months.
  • Superior road handling and safety is an important concern when you are transporting families or groups. In many areas of Europe heavy snowfalls are becoming a regular occurrence, even in areas where light snow has traditionally been the norm. This renders roads which you are used to driving more difficult to navigate.

 Ensuring Superior Benefits with a car rental All- Season Tire

Winter tires from Sixt Rental cars

Sixt all season tires car rental is included when you rent a car during poor weather conditions in Europe. Since many holiday journeys feature poor visibility, mountainous or rugged terrain or traffic problems, fitting your car with safer tires will provide you and your passengers with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your holiday. Winter tires car rental will ensure that there is no additional strain placed on the driver when driving in dangerous conditions.

A rent a car all season tire add-on is easily available only in Europe from your Sixt location in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Unlike many other dealers, this option won't drive up the cost of your rental, as it is included free of charge.


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How to Request a Car Rental All-Season Tire Add-On?

An all season tire add-on with Sixt rent a car won't cost you anything extra, since every car in our European fleet is fitted with these winter tires as a standard feature during the winter months. So, if you're used to driving a car with snow tires and would prefer the additional safety on snow or ice covered roads, please request an add-on. As effective as a snow chain at ensuring the safety of the vehicle on ice and snow, this add-on is a cold weather essential.

**Subject to availability at participating locations outside US